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Bathbird are bath salts with marine trace elements of the highest quality.It contains macro and micronutrients that completely satisfy the quality of the product. Bathbird bath salts leave a clean, silky, pest free plumage.The use of bath salts is essential in bird baths as it also reduces stre..
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Hydration and care of the nails and legs of birds   H24 Special Care is an ointment designed specifically to soften and hydrate the legs and nails of birds. It is a highly specialized balsam that also contains essential oils such as thyme, rosemary or eucalyptus, giving it a natural aroma. T..
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Avianvet Bath Salts is a high quality blend of mineral salts of magnesium.   Eliminates the external parasites that are lodged in the plumage. Clean the plumage. Avianvet bath salts reduce stress and itching.   How to use and dosage:   Administration at doses of 2 gr / liter ..
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bathroom light pigmentation birds - eat jane   Bath liquid for all types of birds with pigmentation, generates a luminosity in the pen. (red tile, red lipochromes, lipochromes snowy, dark red tiles, lovebirds, parrots and diamond gould)   Dosage: Mix 20 ml x 0.5 L of warm water in a ..
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