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Hydra Secrets White Formula ensures deep and natural colors, especially in birds with light colors.   Liquid moisturizer with biomarine elements, perfect formula for plumage.   Hydra Secrets is the ultimate moisturizing conditioner specifically studied to care for the plumage of whit..
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Shine Water Spray is a delicate moisturizing shampoo with bio-marine elements. Shine water has been created specifically for the skin and plumage of birds. Its detergent action does not attack dirt, but thanks to its unique composition of highly selected oils, it simply "melts" the dirt.   T..
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SERIBAÑO   HYGIENE AND CONDITIONING PLUMAGE BIRDS   Birds need to bathe and do also with real satisfaction , but it is necessary that the bath water is clean and everything is well maintained at all times and must not become a suspension of microbes and parasites.   SERIBAÑO ..
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Backs Badesalz 600 grs (sales de baño)
Backs Badesalz 600 gr (bath salts)Regular use of Backs bath salts guarantees a healthy, silky and parasite-free plumage. INDICATIONS: - Eliminates external parasites lodged in the feather. - They make the feathers supple, preventing them from breaking easily. - They add shine to ..
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Bathbird are bath salts with marine trace elements of the highest quality.It contains macro and micronutrients that completely satisfy the quality of the product. Bathbird bath salts leave a clean, silky, pest free plumage.The use of bath salts is essential in bird baths as it also reduces stre..
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Beyers Care Fino 660 grs - Sales de baño para aves
Beyers Care Fino are high quality bird bath salts, which promote softness of feathers and disinfection of parasites.This product is part of the Beyers Care line, focused on covering the daily needs of your birds, and supporting their stability and health throughout the year.INSTRUCTIONS FOR USEMix 4..
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Natural bird shampoo with built-in glycerin. With this shampoo you can clean, enhance and disinfect the plumage of canaries, parakeets, parrots, pigeons and other cage birds. Very soft formula, odourless and colourless, and pH neutral for bath water used in hot weather. Special packaging allows it t..
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Hydration and care of the nails and legs of birds   H24 Special Care is an ointment designed specifically to soften and hydrate the legs and nails of birds. It is a highly specialized balsam that also contains essential oils such as thyme, rosemary or eucalyptus, giving it a natural aroma. T..
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Bath salts for ornamental birds Oropharma   Oropharma Gold Bath Salt is a special bath for ornamental birds, to let them clean and bright plumage. Most birds like also swimming that is required to keep plumage in good condition. Gold Bath has the ability to relax the animal and deep clea..
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Natural shampoo for birds with Jojoba incorporated, which combines moisturising and conditioning properties giving shine and softness to the plumage, with panthenol (Vitamin B5) that has healing and rejuvenating effects on the plumage, with wild seaweed, rich in beneficial minerals and antioxidants ..
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Avianvet Bath Salts is a high quality blend of mineral salts of magnesium.   Eliminates the external parasites that are lodged in the plumage. Clean the plumage. Avianvet bath salts reduce stress and itching.   How to use and dosage:   Administration at doses of 2 gr / liter ..
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DISINFECTION AND BEAUTY OF THE PULSE OF THE CAJAROS DE CAULA.   The birds need to bathe and they do it, also with real satisfaction, but it is necessary that the water of the bath is clean and above all it stays like this all the necessary time and it does not become a suspension of microbes..
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Bath salts is an ideal health and luster of the feathers product. It is recommended for both birds and bird color white. Use it especially before the championships.   Place a tablespoon full (30g) per 10 liter water bath once or twice a week (up to two days before the tournament) If you wash..
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bathroom light pigmentation birds - eat jane   Bath liquid for all types of birds with pigmentation, generates a luminosity in the pen. (red tile, red lipochromes, lipochromes snowy, dark red tiles, lovebirds, parrots and diamond gould)   Dosage: Mix 20 ml x 0.5 L of warm water in a ..
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