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Problemas digestivos

Combination of probiotics and digestive enzymes. Flora active crop and intestine and increases the benign intestinal flora It allows for better digestion of food Promotes the initial phase of the flora of the gut and intestine of newborn babies. PROBI - ZYME contains probio..
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Balanced mixture of amino acids, vitamins , minerals , trace elements, Florastimul and L - carnitine. For an excellent optimal growth and skeletal development. For a good formation of the eggshell . For perfect skin structure and plumage . For health and improved productivi..
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Supplement AMINOPROTÁN amino acid and mineral premix powder oral   Composition: PER 10 KG . Vitamin A 10,000,000 IU Choline chloride Nicotinic acid 500.00 g 25.00 g Vitamin D3 2,000,000 IU pantothenate manganese sulfate 10.00 g 89.59 g 2.00 g Vitamin E Iron II sulfate 50.00 g 123.55 g Ly..
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Anima Strath is a 100 % natural food supplement specially suitable for birds       Anima Strath is a 100 % natural food supplement specially suitable for birds . Yeast cells contain a significant amount of nutrients released by plasmólosis process , favoring the natural substances th..
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Hepatointestinal regulator operation.   For breeding and molting periods.   For liver and digestive diseases (red belly, swollen liver, enteritis, etc.)   Indications:   Calci-Fort is specially formulated to control the disturbances and malfunctions of the digestive s..
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DAX PROTECTOR HEPATICO 250 ML   Directions: 3 ml per pint of water daily for 15 days.   This dosage may be repeated at will as long as necessary and that the product, when natural extract, sole motivation is the stimulation of the liver so it i..
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ORAL SOLUTION   Vitamins are absolutely necessary for all animals and the most exposed to deficits are naturally those críanen captivity and can not freely choose their power. In cage birds despite procure a varied diet, often occur inadequacies of some essential vitamins as in the case of l..
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COX is a product made of different herbs , including thyme , oregano and garlic.   • Thyme: strong immune power , excellent for the respiratory tract . • Oregano: strengthens immunity and resistance , improves digestion . • Garlic has a powerful cleaning action.   Cox is very..
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GALAXY is a powder consisting of essential oils , and silica-based green clay .   • Essential oil of thyme : good for the airways.   • Essential Oil of Oregano: enhances immunity and resistance .   • Cinnamon essential oil : helps digestion.   • Green clay : deep clea..
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natural compound that prevents digestive disorders, stabilizes the intestinal flora and improves feed efficiency.   Eucalyptus essential oil essential oil of fenugreek and Saccharomyces cerevisiae.   100 ml..
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Homeopathic compoundthat prevents different digestive disorders both as a respiratory origin.   Propolis, turmeric and flavoring vegetables..
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Treatment for the control and prevention of enteritis and diarrheal diseases.   Small bird cage often are subjected to poor diet, stress and lack of hygiene, which causes an inflammatory response in the intestine that triggers more or less serious diarrheal diseases. Intestinal involvement w..
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Concentrated probiotic association of nine species of live microorganisms.   Indicated to recover and stimulate gastrointestinal flora of birds, increasing the immunity of the digestive system and protecting against colonization of pathogenic bacteria such as E. coli and Salmonella.   ..
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Concentrated probiotic association of nine species of live microorganisms.   Indicated to recover and stimulate gastrointestinal flora of birds, increasing the immunity of the digestive system and protecting against colonization of pathogenic bacteria such as E. coli and Salmonella.   ..
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Allium Avianvet is a concentrate of purple garlic powder rich in allicin.   Allium Avianvet contains a wide variety of nutrients and active ingredients with flavoring properties, antimicrobial against bacteria, fungi and viruses, antiparasitic, antioxidants and metabolic regulation.   ..
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AviMedica AviMune 250 grams, (Adenocoli and Salmonellosis treatment). For birds   INDICATIONS: - Prevention of viral and bacterial diseases of the gastrointestinal tract (adeno-coli equipment, salmonellosis, klostridioza) caused by infection by circovirus, stress, transport, exhibitions,..
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Greenvet Biointegra is a powdered food supplement containing natural yeasts that potentiate the intestinal flora. Very useful in the case of digestive problems, problems in the growth of the chicks or weakness.   Characteristics: Reinforces the intestinal bacterial flora Improves food absorp..
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Greenvet Biointegra is a food supplement powder containing natural yeast enhancer of intestinal flora. Very useful for digestive problems, growth problems or weak chicks.   Characteristics:   Strengthens the intestinal bacterial flora Improves absorption of food Regulates the..
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Cúrcuma (100% Puro)
-13 %
Turmeric, antioxidant that helps digestion.   INDICATIONS: - Unique compound based on turmeric, very strong antioxidant and a great eliminator of harmful substances. - It favors the circulation of blood. - Favors digestion.   HOW TO USE: - Before the start of the seas..
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DIGEST is a mixture of four organic acids :    •Formic acid • Propionic acid • Acetic acid • Lactic acid   It promotes good digestion and can be used to acidify the drinking water . Also improves drinking water.   A special component in this mixture is lactic acid..
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Selected yeast contains high enzymatic action.   Promotes the enhancement and reconstruction of the intestinal microbial flora in cases of diarrhea and during treatments with antibiotics or sulfonamides.   In lyophilized form, these live ferments are extremely resistant to normal amb..
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It is a product composed of a mixture of organic acids (lactic, formic and propionic) which demonstrated its high bactericidal activity against (megabacteria) this action is enhanced by the presence of fatty acids that will keep the pH acidic throughout entire intestinal tract and especially acid ma..
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Fortepac-P is the specific treatment for improved intestinal comfort and ensure that the digestive system of animals is in perfect conditions.   Natural product for the treatment of infectious processes caused in the digestive system and villi such as salmonellosis, coccidiosis, and cole (se..
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GALAXY caps is a powerful product that favors the respiratory system and digestion. It is very effective in improving the airways (in combination with BRONX.) Highly recommended on Mondays after the flight, for its purifying effect. It is also possible to administer it 1 day before the enceste...
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dehydrated plants.   HERBA as a supplement to egg-based food. Phytochemicals improve the health of the birds and encourage the elimination of toxins des their bodies. This compound has a positive effect on digestion and serves to stimulate metabolism, it is also ideal for preparing an in..
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Hinojo (100% Puro)
-30 %
Pure crushed fennel Fennel seed helps balance the digestive system promotes digestion, reduces intestinal discomfort, facilitates evacuation and fights constipation. ideal for: Goldfinches, Greenfinches, Finches, Pardillos, Canaries and other similar birds. • Very rich in vitamin A, vita..
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Immune Liquid Avianvet is a nutritional supplement that contains natural antioxidants such as vitamin C, citrus polyphenols and flavonoids that help improve the development of the immune system of birds, reducing the number of diseases and improving the health of birds.   At the digestive le..
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Immune Plus Avianvet is a nutritional powdered supplement that contains natural antioxidants such as vitamin C, citrus polyphenols and flavonoids that help improve the development of the immune system of birds, reducing the number of diseases and improving the health of birds.   At the diges..
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Suitable for the region of the stomach and intestines.   prebiotic dye.   Complementary food for ornamental birds   Composition: Wild garlic extract, bearberry, horseradish, chamomile, purple sprained, tormentilla, sage and nasturtium.   analytical composition: humidi..
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Food supplement designed for greater efficiency in laying.   Composition: proteins, yeast, cereals, albumin, soy, natural plants, amino acids, vitamin A, B1, B2, B6, B9, C, D3 and K; Magnesium, calcium, potassium, zinc, phosphorus and folic acid.   Contains natural plants, to improve..
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Avianvet liquid oregano contains essential oil of oregano and eucalyptus. It promotes the digestion of birds, stimulates the appetite and strengthens the defenses. It improves the absorption of nutrients at the digestive level. It stimulates the intestinal flora of the birds. It reduces the risk of ..
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Digestion problems.   Oregano oil.   Complementary food for ornamental birds.   Composition: Oregano oil, aqueous extract of onion, garlic, leek, artichoke, milk thistle, ragweed, willow bark, lichens and fruit vinegar.   analytical composition: humidity 93%,.   ..
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INDICATIONS: - Improvement of the condition in general and natural resistance. - Protects liver, kidneys and nervous system. - Promotes protein metabolism and muscle development. - Helps maintain intestinal health. - Contains Carvacrol and Thymol that act on the gastrointestinal ..
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The Red Pigeon Perform Pro, a natural herbal preparation, clay, yeast and probiotics, specially designed to strengthen the defenses and improve digestion. For birds. INDICATIONS: - Strengthens the bodys natural defenses, reducing the risk of diseases - Very efficient in digestive problems ..
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Plasmatox contains plant extracts that act in the prevention and treatment of atoxoplasmosis and coccidiosis, two diseases that attack especially goldfinches, lúganos, verdigris, finches and other wild birds. Plasmatox acts in two ways, on the one hand it protects and strengthens the intestinal muco..
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Prebiotico Disfa Natural powdered product made from cereals for ornamental birds. It can be used as a single or complementary treatment in indigestion processes and their complications (bloating, diarrhea, constipation, etc.) Convalescence (after antibiotics use) Food supplement to improve feed..
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Preventive of intestinal pathologies that affect birds.   Format: 125 ml   Information of interest   Composition: Extracts of natural plants.   How to use: 3 ml per liter of water or kg of paste, two days per week as a preventive.   Shake well before use. ..
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CONTROL OF RESPIRATORY PROCESSES AND ASSOCIATED DIGESTIVES   COMPOSITION: Product of plants (lemon, orange, rosemary, pine, eucalyptus). Sorbitol.   DESTINY SPECIES Birds, Canaries, Parrots, Agaphens, Nymphs (in general birds of ornament).   METHOD OF USE AN..
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Clothing-B liquid 10%, a 100% natural essence based oregano 10% with many beneficial properties for birds.   INDICATIONS:   - Helps digestion - Improved nutrient absorption - Stimulates the intestinal flora - Reduce the risk of disease - It is recommended to use in st..
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ORAL SOLUTION FOR THE CONTROL OF RESPIRATORY PROCESSES AND ASSOCIATED DIGESTIVE   PROPERTIES:   OREGANO: Powerful antimicrobial: antibacterial, antifungal and antiviral. Reduces pain, anti-inflammatory, general tonic, appetite stimulant, Immune stimulant. ..
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The Red Pigeon Vit E + Selenium 250 gr (vitamin E enriched with selenium)   INDICATIONS: - Covers the needs of vitamin E of pigeons in competition. - Especially effective in breeders with fertility problems. - Stimulates egg laying. - Excellent corrector for cases of vitamin ..
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Vanhee 14000 - 500ml (optimizes digestion and regenerates intestinal flora)   INDICATIONS: - Optimizes digestion and intestinal flora. - It favors digestion. - It is effective in case of intestinal dysfunction or in case of non-consistent droppings, especially if it is chicks. ..
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It can be used for any breeding or cage bird   The product is very easy to use and is based on healing herbs with no side effects.   It is indicated for coccidia, red belly, dry, black spot and respiratory system.   Instructions for use included.   35 grs  ..
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Preventive treatment (transfers, competitions, breeding, etc.) Vitamin A   Lack of vitamin A causes a reduction of the defense capacity of the cells, which are covering all interior and exterior surfaces of the body, resulting in the emergence of centers of infection, especially in the eyes,..
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Intestinal based fructooligosacáridos conditioning . Prevent adhesion of pathogenic bacteria in the gut It improves stool consistency and promotes hygiene in nests In the digestive tract of birds bacteria are essential for proper digestion . These good bacteria predominate in hea..
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Mucous Membranes Bird eat Roni Spain   Roni was developed to maintain a good condition of the mucous membranes of the beak, throat and digestive system. Inter alia, by applying a mucous film special carbon hydrates.   This combination stimulates the immune system and ensures a good a..
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Chips extruded white formula (Without Dore)   Serinus stimulant for fattening, and Carduelis Spinus.   It is prepared in 5 minutes in a quick and simple way.   Ingredients: Seeds, cereals, vegetable protein extracts, grease, oil, vitamins, minerals, fruit and sugar.   ..
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probiotic 375 gr - intestinal flora   It forming dewatering concentrated live lactic acid bacteria, is used to regenerate the intestinal flora maintaining a very effective optimum balance after antibiotic treatment and after vaccinations, stimulates the immune system contributing to disease ..
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