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Yeast two Canariz (Natural Protein highest quality )   Its nutritional properties are excellent, due to its composition : high protein , vitamins , minerals and trace elements , it is an excellent food supplement for pasta breeding , has all the essential amino acids for muscle development ,..
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Boost the bodys defenses   DAX -V3 LIQUID   SUPPLEMENTARY FOOD   Boost the bodys defenses , with sanificantes properties, with a high content of active ingredients is effective on coccidia , bacteria , fungi, viruses , worms.   Natural product that does not create any..
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High protein to mix with pasta breeding Bipal Protein is a biological, vitamin, mineral and amino acids necessary to increase the protein in birds in captivity complement. With Protein Bipal we get:      Increase pulp properties breeding.      Increase the bodys defenses birds      O..
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It is a combination of nutritional substances, fructooligosacáridos milk enzymes capable of preserving and rebalance the intestinal bacterial flora. It consists of a selection of microorganisms capable of living the intestine reach and positively promote intestinal health of the bird. The product fu..
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Food supplement powder indicated during treatments and for the prevention of respiratory infections and stimulation of the immune system. Dose per liter of water: 5gr; Per kg of feed: 10 gr. How to use: 7 days..
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Immunostimulant for cases of prophylaxis and adjuvant treatments in disease situations.   IMMUN is characterized by the combination of certain herbal extracts that trigger a reaction in the system itself bodys defenses under stress and achieve greater resistance.   The active plant e..
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Natural vitamin supplement, enriched with minerals and vitamins necessary for the health of birds in captivity. It acts as a powerful regulator of the digestive system, increasing its defenses.   Characteristics:   End the anemias and other deficiency diseases, which currently suffer..
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Natural antibiotic   Especially useful, since it favors regular growth, it benefits the wellbeing and health of the birds and contributes a great help to the main problems of breeding.   Additives: (Organoleptic additives)   Grapefruit Seed Extract (Citrus x paradisi Macfayde..
Ex Tax:9.99€
Avianvet liquid oregano contains essential oil of oregano and eucalyptus. It promotes the digestion of birds, stimulates the appetite and strengthens the defenses. It improves the absorption of nutrients at the digestive level. It stimulates the intestinal flora of the birds. It reduces the risk of ..
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INDICATIONS: - Improvement of the condition in general and natural resistance. - Protects liver, kidneys and nervous system. - Promotes protein metabolism and muscle development. - Helps maintain intestinal health. - Contains Carvacrol and Thymol that act on the gastrointestinal ..
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The Red Pigeon Perform Pro, a natural herbal preparation, clay, yeast and probiotics, specially designed to strengthen the defenses and improve digestion. For birds. INDICATIONS: - Strengthens the bodys natural defenses, reducing the risk of diseases - Very efficient in digestive problems ..
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QUIKO CHLORELLA   Quiko Chlorella is a 100% natural product.   Minerals, vitamins and natural proteins.   Food for all types of companion birds.   Composition: 100% chlorella seaweed.   Analytical components: crude protein 50.00%, moisture content 10%, crude f..
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Clothing-B Booster, a supplement based probiotic and prebiotic that guarantees a perfect intestinal flora in addition to strengthening the bodys defenses. INDICATIONS: - Regenerate the intestinal flora and keep it in its natural balance - Stimulates digestion - Strengthens the immune syst..
Ex Tax:13.59€
Clothing-B Feeding Oil 2%, a 100% natural essence based oregano 2% with many beneficial properties for pigeons and birds INDICATIONS: - Helps digestion - Very good for growing nestlings; It stimulates your appetite and strengthens defenses - Improves nutrient absorption - Stimulates int..
Ex Tax:9.05€
Food supplement powder indicated during treatments and for the prevention of respiratory infections and stimulation of the immune system. Dose per liter of water: 5gr; Per kg of feed: 10 gr. How to use: 7 days..
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Liquid beer yeast enriched with vitamin C, MSM, chromium, vegetable extracts - Supplementary food for pigeons.   Van-Biergist liquid 17000 is a yeast extract of beer with a high concentration of chromium chelate, vitamin C, MSM, apple cider vinegar and plant extracts.   INDICATIONS: ..
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VEGA is the most complete and balanced vitamin complex on the market. Contains no less than 10 vitamins, 15 amino acids, 5 electrolytes, 3 trace elements and 4 organic acids; A total of 37 different ingredients! These are very concentrated ingredients and the regular use of VEGA prevents any ki..
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It is an association of vitamins containing a protective glass and prevent bleeding . We use in times of stress and in all cases of bleeding , to strengthen the immune defenses in therapeutic treatments ( coccidia , anthelmintic , etc ) .   USE : It is indicated for all kinds of birds , espe..
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It can be used for any breeding or cage bird   The product is very easy to use and is based on healing herbs with no side effects.   It is indicated for coccidia, red belly, dry, black spot and respiratory system.   Instructions for use included.   35 grs  ..
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DEFENDER FORTEX Energy and Health energizing natural ingredients, natural vitamins, trace elements and minerals is refreshing combination of complementary foods with the content of special enhances immunity.   In the BAL it energizes and revitalizes, anti-inflammatory effect, jelly; anti..
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