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Balanced mixture of vitamins , amino acids and trace elements, rich in vitamin E.   - In preparation for breeding. - For the singing canaries and wild . - If posture problems or fertility or death in the egg. - Stimulates sexual ardor and promotes fertility.     During br..
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Legazin - Concentrate zeal Stimulator singing and paste 200g   TARGET SPECIES: goldfinches, PARDILLOS, buntings, finches, CANARIES AND MIXED.   INGREDIENTS:   Grains, Seeds, Bakery Products, Extracts Vegetable Proteins, Fats, Oils, Lysine, Meteonina, Vitamins and Minerals ..
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SINGING ESTIMULADOR   Stimulator and strengthener for singing bird , increases its vitality and its dominant force   To use: 15 drops into the trough 50 cc and renew the water daily .   Container: 50 ml..
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Apasprint contains plant extracts that stimulate fertility and singing. Very useful for the preparation of the breeding and the contests.   Dosage: 1 to 3 ml per liter of water (2 to 6 drops per drink) or 4 to 6 ml per kg of paste.   How to use: 4 days a week for 30-45 days. 100 ml..
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SUPPLEMENTARY FOOD FAVORECEDOR OF THE SONG   PROPERTIES:   CANTO FBL, improves the general conditions of the birds, favoring and stimulating the aptitudes for singing. The AD3E complex, prevents many problems of birds, mainly in those cases that can not be solved conveniently. It..
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DETAILS   Liver Detox , eliminate inflammation of the liver , stimulates and improves the operation condition of the bird , the force power , the singer and reproductive capacity in males and females . Dosage and use: add to pasta breeding at a rate of 10-20 g per kg of pasta ( one or two ..
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ORTY-MAX Liquid Enhancer zeal and singing Green Nettle Extract, Oregano, Thyme, Tehobroma Cocoa and vitamins. Improves health by increasing zeal, power and quality of singing goldfinches, suckers, buntings and other birds cage. Green Nettle dry extract, dry extract of Oregano, Thyme ..
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Multivitamin for mating, breeding and singing   very complete multivitamin complex, designed to meet the requirements of modern ornithology: SPRINTER stimulates the singing and fertility, improving breeding and weaning.   Instructions for use: Add 10 ml per liter of drinking wate..
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Cometaves Birds - Condition - position - Dominant (eat jane)   Cometaves Bird is a special product that provides all the elements necessary to achieve and maintain an optimal way for all kinds of birds (canaries, exotic citácidos). Bird Cometaves 32 consists of: vitamins, trace elements, soy..
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