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Anima Strath is a 100 % natural food supplement specially suitable for birds       Anima Strath is a 100 % natural food supplement specially suitable for birds . Yeast cells contain a significant amount of nutrients released by plasmólosis process , favoring the natural substances th..
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It is a vitamin B + K Group recommended diseases and antibiotic treatments.   Creates increased resistance and improves appetite birds, regulates the metabolism of carbohydrates, proteins, fats.   Vitamin K is necessary for protein synthesis, and processes of blood coagulation.  ..
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AMINO-FORTEPAC-VIT   Complementary feed for birds   PROPERTIES   Specially designed to correct deficiencies in the diet, appetite stimulant, recovery processes and convalescence of any disease, anemia, strengthening in times of breeding and growth.   TARGET SPECIES ..
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Avianvet liquid oregano contains essential oil of oregano and eucalyptus. It promotes the digestion of birds, stimulates the appetite and strengthens the defenses. It improves the absorption of nutrients at the digestive level. It stimulates the intestinal flora of the birds. It reduces the risk of ..
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Clothing-B Feeding Oil 2%, a 100% natural essence based oregano 2% with many beneficial properties for pigeons and birds INDICATIONS: - Helps digestion - Very good for growing nestlings; It stimulates your appetite and strengthens defenses - Improves nutrient absorption - Stimulates int..
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ORAL SOLUTION FOR THE CONTROL OF RESPIRATORY PROCESSES AND ASSOCIATED DIGESTIVE   PROPERTIES:   OREGANO: Powerful antimicrobial: antibacterial, antifungal and antiviral. Reduces pain, anti-inflammatory, general tonic, appetite stimulant, Immune stimulant. ..
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APPETITE STIMULATING HEPATOPROTECTOR   PROPERTIES Urohepatic mix, promotes liver regeneration, stimulates appetite, improves productivity, prevents weight loss, prevents stress situations and corrects liver dysfunctions (fatty liver).   COM..
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