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Antiparasitario & Insecticida

Trap for the red piojillo   Instructions:   1.- Spray the liquid in the carton.   2.- Next, roll the carton inside the tube and place it in the cages where we have problems of piojillos..
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Legazin Muco Active   Destination species: Ornamental birds such as canaries, goldfinches, diamonds, parakeets, agapornis and columbiformes.   Information of interest   COMPOSITION: Extracts of natural plants.   ANALYSIS: Crude Protein..
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The health of your bird ornaments will be protected with these vitamin supplements, essential to protect it from the weather, pests, diseases etc.   Total Tabernil is a vitamin supplement for canaries and ornamental birds generally administered in the water as droplets. Ideal when a general ..
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SERIBAÑO   HYGIENE AND CONDITIONING PLUMAGE BIRDS   Birds need to bathe and do also with real satisfaction , but it is necessary that the bath water is clean and everything is well maintained at all times and must not become a suspension of microbes and parasites.   SERIBAÑO ..
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Complemento alimenticio en polvo para añadir a la pasta de cría (bizcocho). Para ser usado durante la temporada reproductiva de los canarios y pequeñas aves en general. Usado en la época de cría aumenta la inmunización de los polluelos y reduce la mortandad durante los primeros días de vida...
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Desparasitador against ticks and mites on ornamental birds and birds.   It protected during four weeks use.   It is used after the first move with a drop in the neck below the feathers in canaries and two drops in larger birds like parrots.   Pyrethrum 5% ( 50 g / kg )   ..
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GALAXY is a powder consisting of essential oils , and silica-based green clay .   • Essential oil of thyme : good for the airways.   • Essential Oil of Oregano: enhances immunity and resistance .   • Cinnamon essential oil : helps digestion.   • Green clay : deep clea..
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PERFORM PRO is a complex mixture of plants , clay, yeast , essential oils, and probiotics . Significantly improves strength and strengthens immunity . It will contribute to a good intestinal flora and a perfect plumage.   It is also highly recommended after a course of antibiotics . We may d..
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FungiStop, broad-spectrum antifungal treatment of birds, food and utensils   Broad-spectrum antifungal agent. Suitable for both disinfection materials and facilities, including for direct treatment of fungal infections in birds. It also has activity against yeasts and bacteria, such as E. co..
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FungiStop, broad-spectrum antifungal treatment of birds, food and utensils   Broad-spectrum antifungal agent. Suitable for both disinfection materials and facilities, including for direct treatment of fungal infections in birds. It also has activity against yeasts and bacteria, such as E. co..
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natural compound capable of inhibiting and / or neutralizing most intestinal parasites of canaries and other bird cage.   Mixture of natural plant extracts.   50 g..
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AviMedica AviWormer 200 ml, (100% natural internal antiparasitic)   INDICATIONS: - High quality and 100% natural internal deparasitizer that keeps pigeons free of worms (Ascaridia sp., Capillaria sp., Heterakis sp.) - Composed by high concentrations of plant extracts that have unfavo..
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BelgaVet Garlicg 400 gr is 100% pure garlic powder for poultry INDICATIONS: - Contains essential vitamins and amino acids for pigeons. - It favors the physical condition of the pigeons. - It has healing properties. - It has an anti parasitic effect. - Facilitates blood circulation -..
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BIPAL PROTECTIVE, PROTECTOR OF EXTERNAL PARASITES   100% natural, ecological, inert and iniquitous product made from marine dust and different types of minerals of vegetable origin.   Bipal Protective is created with a single purpose, to offer welfare to the bird. The state of the tr..
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COMPLEMENTARY FOOD ENRICHER AND STIMULANT OF INTESTINAL FLORA   PROPERTIES:   BIRDS OF ADORNO: Florabiol, enriches and stimulates the normal flora of the digestive tract and favors the stability of the intestinal ecosystem. In birds it is necessary to have a strict cont..
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Dogs, cats and birds: Natural insect repellent based on plant extracts. Acts against fleas and ticks and mosquito flying insects and transmitters of diseases.   HOW TO USE   external use, by application to the skin. Separate the hair between the shoulder blades until the skin is expo..
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Food supplement designed for greater efficiency in laying.   Composition: proteins, yeast, cereals, albumin, soy, natural plants, amino acids, vitamin A, B1, B2, B6, B9, C, D3 and K; Magnesium, calcium, potassium, zinc, phosphorus and folic acid.   Contains natural plants, to improve..
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INDICATIONS: - 100% natural product - Eliminates internal intestinal parasites as well as larvae and eggs - Eliminates 100% of capillaries and ascaridia eggs in less than 11 days - Eliminates 95% of coccidia Eimeria in the first 21 days - It does not have any kind of side effect ..
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The Red Pigeon Poustop, a 100% natural product and unique in the market, based on aromatic substances, which eliminates and protects against external parasites. INDICATIONS: - 100% natural product - Protects and eliminates external parasites - Can be mixed in the food or just placed under..
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Preventium Ornizin
Preventium OrnizinSupplement aid in intestinal pathologies that affect birds.Ingredients: Natural plant extractsAnalysis: Crude protein <€ 1%, Crude fiber <0.01%, Ash <0.1%, Sodium <0.1%Target species: Ornamental birds such as goldfinches, canaries, diamonds, psittacids, etc.How to use: ..
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Clothing-B liquid 10%, a 100% natural essence based oregano 10% with many beneficial properties for birds.   INDICATIONS:   - Helps digestion - Improved nutrient absorption - Stimulates the intestinal flora - Reduce the risk of disease - It is recommended to use in st..
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Clothing-B Feeding Oil 2%, a 100% natural essence based oregano 2% with many beneficial properties for pigeons and birds INDICATIONS: - Helps digestion - Very good for growing nestlings; It stimulates your appetite and strengthens defenses - Improves nutrient absorption - Stimulates int..
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Soluble powder food aid indicated during treatments and prevention of trichomoniasis. In case of severe form it is useful to associate it with Apacox 20. Amount: 100 grs. Dose per 1l of water: 5-10g; Per kg of feed: 10-20g. How to use: 5-7 days every 21 days...
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It helps to clean internal parasites.   Ingredients: Extracts of natural plants   Way of Use: apply 4 drops in 30ml of water 3 consecutive days every 4 months.   You can directly apply 1 drop in the peak as a single shot.   Shake well before use.   100 ml..
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It can be used for any breeding or cage bird   The product is very easy to use and is based on healing herbs with no side effects.   It is indicated for coccidia, red belly, dry, black spot and respiratory system.   Instructions for use included.   35 grs  ..
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