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Punto negro

BLACKSTOP adjunctive therapy for control of "black spot" in chickens   Black spot disease or Blackstop affects chickens during the first days after hatching, presenting a high mortality rate.   BLACKSTOP is an adjunct to conventional treatment to increase the recovery rate of chi..
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Gr Greenvet Micro is a powdered supplement used to treat and prevent diarrhea and intestinal infections caused by pathogenic bacteria. Gr Greenvet Micro stimulates the immune system and fights the bacteria causing the disease. Micro Gr acts against different types of Salmonella, Escherichia coli, Cl..
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Avianvet liquid oregano contains essential oil of oregano and eucalyptus. It promotes the digestion of birds, stimulates the appetite and strengthens the defenses. It improves the absorption of nutrients at the digestive level. It stimulates the intestinal flora of the birds. It reduces the risk of ..
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BLACK POINT Avianvet is an effective treatment in the control of the black spot of the chicks.   It helps to eliminate and prevent their appearance in breeding season avoiding the great mortality that is produced by the different agents that produce the black spot.   It can be used d..
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It can be used for any breeding or cage bird   The product is very easy to use and is based on healing herbs with no side effects.   It is indicated for coccidia, red belly, dry, black spot and respiratory system.   Instructions for use included.   35 grs  ..
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