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Pack cría pájaros a mano
Pack breeding by hand of canaries and wild birds   With this pack you will get the help that some weaker birds or some varieties of canaries are especially delicate (albinos, lutinos, rubinos, phaeos, gibbards, gibber, ...) or need extraordinary contributions that parents can not always give..
Ex Tax:9.05€
Pack Mini Muda
The Mini Muda pack contains:MudaBird 50 gBathBird 250 gAcidBird 100 mlPeckingBird 200 g..
Ex Tax:26.57€
Pack Protocolo contra Bacterias
Bacteria Protocol PackWith this protocol we will be able to combat and kill such annoying bacteria in our aviary such as Salmonella, E.Coli or Megabacteria.This pack includes:- HepaBird Forte 100 grs- CureBird Forte 50 grs- Curebird 30 ml- ProBird 75 grs- BKBird 30 ml..
Ex Tax:31.32€
Pack Protocolo contra coccidios
Coccidiosis is a zoonotic intestinal parasitic disease widespread worldwide in poultry farming and, due to the increase in production birds, the incidence of the disease has also increased. This is caused by the protozoan microorganisms known as Coccidia, where the species of the genus Eimeria are t..
Ex Tax:31.14€
Pack Protocolo de Muda
Muda Protocol PackWith this protocol we will connect a perfect molt a Fortebird moltThis pack includes:- AcidBird 100 ml- OmegaBird 250 ml- PeckingBird 200 grs- OregaBird 30 ml- BathBird 250 grs- MudaBird 50 grs..
Ex Tax:40.86€
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