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Currently in the field of supravit birds is one of the best known brands. Our company is among the most important in Spain in its sector, distributes products - SUPRAVIT - and represents major European firms.

Complementary food for birds. It is a product that is involved in training, protecting cells and eye pigment deficiency can cause blindness, being essential to its contribution to canaries recessive and not assimilate vitamin A from food.   Ingredients: Vitamin A-10 000 u. i x 1Kg. dextrose ..
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Supraovo, Mineral Supplement + Vitamin C   Indicated to improve the internal quality of the egg   Indicated for birds at the time of laying to improve the quality of the egg, reduces the incidence of "clear fluids" in situations of stress or after infectious processes (micr..
Ex Tax:6.32€
Supra K - Vitamin K Concentrate   Vitamin supplement with a high concentration of Vitamin K.   Vitamin K is necessary for blood clotting and generation of red blood cells, prevents intestinal bleeding, fractures and bone defects, is recommended after taking antibiotics and delivery t..
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