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Supplement AMINOPROTÁN amino acid and mineral premix powder oral   Composition: PER 10 KG . Vitamin A 10,000,000 IU Choline chloride Nicotinic acid 500.00 g 25.00 g Vitamin D3 2,000,000 IU pantothenate manganese sulfate 10.00 g 89.59 g 2.00 g Vitamin E Iron II sulfate 50.00 g 123.55 g Ly..
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Protan nutritional additive for farming. Premix nutritional additives to the breeding and rearing of livestock (Horses, Cattle, Sheep, Pigs, Poultry and Rabbits). This product can be used when the animals enter periods of breeding or propagation, sunset, weakness, changes in weather, cold start..
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Premix nutritional additives to birds. Applications - This product can be used when the animals enter periods of breeding or reproduction, sunset, weakness, changes in weather, cold start, power changes, pregnancy or nursing, as it provides an adequate Vitamin and mineral supplement for animal ..
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Protein supplement , vitamins and minerals . No carotenoid.   Breedmax is a nutritional supplement created especially for white plumage . Its consumption noproduce doré effect . For tropical birds, ornamental birds singing and European exotic pigeons and canaries .   Provides excelle..
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Protein supplement , vitamins and minerals . No carotenoid.   Breedmax is a nutritional supplement created especially for white plumage . Its consumption noproduce doré effect . For tropical birds, ornamental birds singing and European exotic pigeons and canaries .   Provides excelle..
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Protein supplement , vitamins and minerals . No carotenoid.   Breedmax is a nutritional supplement created especially for white plumage . Its consumption noproduce doré effect . For tropical birds, ornamental birds singing and European exotic pigeons and canaries .   Provides excelle..
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Anima Strath is a 100 % natural food supplement specially suitable for birds       Anima Strath is a 100 % natural food supplement specially suitable for birds . Yeast cells contain a significant amount of nutrients released by plasmólosis process , favoring the natural substances th..
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Vitamin premix solution aimed at all target species (companion animals, birds, rabbits and livestock in general). Indications: Vitamin Lafi Shock prevents and corrects situations caused by vitamin deficiency stress (transport, illness), unbalanced diets or situations of higher metabolic rate (b..
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Vitamin Premix with amino acids in solution, designed for all target species (companion animals, birds, rabbits and livestock in general). Indications: Vitamin Lafi Shock prevents and corrects situations caused by vitamin deficiency stress (transport, illness), unbalanced diets or situations of..
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The soluble form of this vitamin premix allow management n drinking water. Vitamins act on the body avoiding a deficiency presentation box and stimulating its vital functions. The presence of the amino acids methionine and lysine facilitates the offspring fledging, molting birds and egg viabili..
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Water-soluble vitamin premix indications All species: multivitamin dose of shock, especially indicated as stress (illness, change of accommodation, transfers, changes in diet, early weaning, accident, ...) and stimulating productions, egg drop, recovery from illness infectious and prolonged anti..
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Vitamin K belongs to the liposoubles vitamins and is a very important in blood clotting agent and the generation of red blood cells , preventing intestinal bleeding . Important in the growth of the chicks .   The presence of some diseases like coccidia , Newcastle, Etc. Increase four times t..
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Trap for the red piojillo   Instructions:   1.- Spray the liquid in the carton.   2.- Next, roll the carton inside the tube and place it in the cages where we have problems of piojillos..
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Treatment for all species. This especially indicated to restore skin function in all types of skin changes (accidental wounds, burns, abrasions, skin ulcers, frostbite, eczema, bites). properties It increases the healing process, regenerating skin tissue, thanks to the action of boric acid which act..
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Complement Ornithological High Quality Bird food product that provides the required amount of amino acids, vitamins, minerals and antioxidants high absorption elements. These components produce an improvement in the immune system that makes the bird more resistant to various diseases and a..
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Bird cage and exotic, ornamental and doves promotes regeneration of skin and mucous membranes. Regulates metabolism. Increases the natural defenses against disease. Vitamin A deficiency is recommended during periods of breeding and laying, in the presence of weakness of the skin and mucous membranes..
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Supplementary food for birds   The composition of oranges and coconut contains several kinds of vitamins , such as C , A, B1 , B2 , B3 , B5 , B6 , B7 , B9 and B12.   The most abundant mineral in their composition are potassium , magnesium, phosphorus , calcium, iron , Zibc , ..
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Seed preventative against coccidiosis    How to use:    Serve twice a week in a biscuit mixture.    750 g..
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INDICATIONS Cage and exotic birds, ornamental and pigeons: broodstock breeding. Preparation before and after mating. Activation of the sexual instinct. Increased set-up and improved hatchability. Increase in spermatogenesis and fertilization. Supply before the laying in order to increase the org..
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Cage, exotic or ornamental birds and pigeons. Different causes, accidental (mismanagement, malnutrition, diseases) or physiological (molt) can cause the loss of a birds feathers, leaving the bird in a precarious or adverse situation against external factors. This product provides the necessary eleme..
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Lafi Vitamin E 20 ml is a vitamin supplement that promotes fertility...
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Lafi Vitamin E 100 ml is a vitamin supplement that promotes fertility.   Intended for cage, exotic, ornamental birds and pigeons: correction of fertility disorders. Avitaminosis, encephalomalacia and stimulant of the productions. Antioxidant and stimulating action in the regeneration of epit..
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Food supplement that acts as a natural antibiotic prevents infectious, respiratory or digestive diseases in canaries and birds of adornment...
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AviMedica AviCoxi Tonic 200 ml, (Coccidiosis, Trichomoniasis and Hexamitiasis). INDICATIONS: Treatment and prevention of: - Coccidiosis - Trichomoniasis - Hexamitiasis. intestinal infections AviCoxiTonic is composed of plant extracts and essential oils that eliminate the bacteria..
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AviFungal AviMedica 250 ml, (fungal infections)   INDICATIONS: - Treatment and prevention of infections caused by fungi (Candida and Aspergillus). - Contains iodine, copper and natural herbal extracts that have an antiseptic, anti-inflammatory and soothing action. - Contains vita..
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AviMedica Avilyte 500 ml, (Electrolytes, Amino Acids and Vitamins) INDICATIONS: - Mix of vitamins, amino acids and electrolytes that gives pigeons what their body needs in situations of dehydration and loss of electrolytes by bacterial diarrhea (colibacillosis, salmonellosis) and viral infec..
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AviMedica AviMune 250 grams, (Adenocoli and Salmonellosis treatment). For birds   INDICATIONS: - Prevention of viral and bacterial diseases of the gastrointestinal tract (adeno-coli equipment, salmonellosis, klostridioza) caused by infection by circovirus, stress, transport, exhibitions,..
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AviPed AviPed 250 ml, (optimal airway)   Antibiotic support for the treatment of respiratory tract infections (infectious coryza, mycoplasmosis, ornithosis), to facilitate the expulsion of retained secretions and clears the airways after the winter period, and cleans the airways during races..
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AviMedica AviSalmo Tonic 200 ml, (salmonellosis, e-coli and intestinal infections). INDICATIONS: Treatment and prevention of: - Intestinal infections. - Salmonellosis - e-Coli - Adeno-coli (young pigeon disease) AviSalmoTonic is made up of 100% natural antibiotics, oils extracted..
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AviMedica AviWormer 200 ml, (100% natural internal antiparasitic)   INDICATIONS: - High quality and 100% natural internal deparasitizer that keeps pigeons free of worms (Ascaridia sp., Capillaria sp., Heterakis sp.) - Composed by high concentrations of plant extracts that have unfavo..
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BelgaVet Garlicg 400 gr is 100% pure garlic powder for poultry INDICATIONS: - Contains essential vitamins and amino acids for pigeons. - It favors the physical condition of the pigeons. - It has healing properties. - It has an anti parasitic effect. - Facilitates blood circulation -..
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BIPAL Forte sports 1 kgPigeons, like people who play sports or are in competition, need to follow a certain diet to be strong and healthy. Bipal Forte Palomos is a product that will help you get it, as it complements all the meals of your sports pigeons. A product that serves to replace a poor..
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Bipal Forte 1 kg, (Probiotics, vitamins, minerals and amino acids) - Provides the necessary vitamins, minerals and amino acids to the organism of the pigeons- Regulates the digestive system- Increases resistance to disease, avoiding using medications- Improves fertility- Approximately 20% more ..
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High protein to mix with pasta breeding Bipal Protein is a biological, vitamin, mineral and amino acids necessary to increase the protein in birds in captivity complement. With Protein Bipal we get:      Increase pulp properties breeding.      Increase the bodys defenses birds      O..
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Bipal Recuperator 700gr, (40% protein, vitamin B and minerals).   INDICATIONS: - Supplement with 40% protein to mix with the mixture. - It also contains vitamins and minerals - Stimulates growth and strengthens the bodys defenses. - Organic activator especially indicated for ..
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Protein supplement, vitamins and minerals. Breedmax is a dietary supplement for tropical birds, songbirds and European motif, exotic pigeons and canaries. It provides excellent growth and optimum health young birds. Breedmax improves breeding results and general condition of the birds that eat them...
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SUPPLEMENTARY FOOD FAVORECEDOR OF THE SONG   PROPERTIES:   CANTO FBL, improves the general conditions of the birds, favoring and stimulating the aptitudes for singing. The AD3E complex, prevents many problems of birds, mainly in those cases that can not be solved conveniently. It..
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Casein New is a dietary supplement of slow assimilation proteins, with a purity of 98%.   Especially indicated to reinforce the feeding during the periods of breeding and growth of the chickens.   It favors the appearance of estrus in breeders, increases fertility, improves l..
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Vitamin supplement with amino acids HIDRO REX VITAL   Indications and species of destination: Birds: Avitaminosis, stimulating growth, stimulating productions and stress.   Avitaminosis, stimulating growth, stimulating productions and stress.   Activator of growth and animal ..
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Complex 11VIT - B Pax PVitamins act on the body avoiding the presentation of a deficiency and stimulating its vital functions. The presence of the amino acids methionine and lysine facilitates the feathers of the young, the molting of the birds and the viability of the eggs.It facilitates the calcif..
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Excellent intestinal purifier, necessary for moulting. Composed of yeast and vitamins B and methionine. The B vitamins actively participate in the metabolism of carbohydrates and lipids, detoxifying the game by adjusting the general assimilation of amino acids by the liver after pharmacological trea..
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Hepatox Total +, is a product scientifically designed to protect the liver and restore the intestinal balance of birds.   INDICATIONS:   - Promotes and relieves the liver, especially after aggressive treatments with antibiotics or intense physical exertion.   Regulates the in..
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It is excellent for fertility and sexual maturity, ideal to prepare and have a fast performance.   You will gain increases in the hatching of eggs   Complementary feed for birds.   I think indicated for fecundity and song.   Excellent to promote the fecundity and the ..
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Dogs, cats and birds: Natural insect repellent based on plant extracts. Acts against fleas and ticks and mosquito flying insects and transmitters of diseases.   HOW TO USE   external use, by application to the skin. Separate the hair between the shoulder blades until the skin is expo..
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Hydration and care of the nails and legs of birds   H24 Special Care is an ointment designed specifically to soften and hydrate the legs and nails of birds. It is a highly specialized balsam that also contains essential oils such as thyme, rosemary or eucalyptus, giving it a natural aroma. T..
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  Hexa Plus is a broad-spectrum bactericidal and bacteriostatic disinfectant effective against Gram-Positive and Gram Negative bacteria, yeasts, fungi, dermatophytes and lipophilic viruses.   Benefits of Hexa Plus:   - rapid bactericidal action   - lasting residual activi..
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Lafi Vitamin AD3 + E 100 ml, is a vitamin supplement that enhances fertility and putting.   INDICATIONS:   Cage and exotic birds, ornamentals and pigeons: breeding stock. Preparation for before and after mating. Activation of the sexual instinct. Increase in laying and improvement of..
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Levolac Powder   Complex germinated and fermented cereals by selected lactic bacteria. Complex of natural enzymes (plant and bacterial). Used as a natural growth factor favoring food transition and increasing assimilation of it.   Composition: Crude protein: 12.9%; Crude fat: 1.6% Cr..
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Zootechnical additive, intestinal flora stabilizer, can stimulate the digestive metabolism significantly improving the ability to fully use the nutritional elements presented in the diet.   The use determines an increase in the productivity of the animals and at the same time helps to preser..
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Miracle is a multivitamin antibacterial against the mortality of newborn birds.   Used consistently, it develops a balance action of the intestinal bacterial flora that improves the digestive and immunological activity of the subjects.   We recommend constant use during the molt peri..
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Natural vitamin supplement, enriched with minerals and vitamins necessary for the health of birds in captivity. It acts as a powerful regulator of the digestive system, increasing its defenses.   Characteristics:   End the anemias and other deficiency diseases, which currently suffer..
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Food supplement designed for greater efficiency in laying.   Composition: proteins, yeast, cereals, albumin, soy, natural plants, amino acids, vitamin A, B1, B2, B6, B9, C, D3 and K; Magnesium, calcium, potassium, zinc, phosphorus and folic acid.   Contains natural plants, to improve..
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Oregano in Dust (Disfa)   Description: Food supplement that acts as a natural anticocidiosis, exerts protective action and healing of the intestinal mucosa in canaries and birds of adornment; better health and lower mortality.   Format: 250 gr...
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THE NATURAL SOLUTION   Natural Biological Extract of acids and herbs. Thanks to its synergistic combination of short and medium chain fatty acids with organic acids it has a bactericidal effect against Gram - (E. Coli, Salmonella, etc.) and Gram + (Clostridium, etc.), molds and yeasts. ..
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PALOMA ORÉGANO   INDICATIONS:   - It favors the growth of the chicks. - It favors fertility - 10% natural energy source, facing high competition. - Improves absorption of nutrients - Stimulates intestinal flora - Reduces the risk of diseases - It is recommende..
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Synergistic mixture of plants traditionally known to be beneficial in the treatment of diseases of the respiratory tract, such as mint, eucalyptus and thyme, which also have anti-fungal, antibacterial, antiviral and antioxidant properties.   Thyme is traditionally used for cough and bronchit..
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PALOMA VITAL a product based on extracts of garlic and artichoke, prebiotics, probiotics, enzymes, vitamins, minerals, amino acids and organic acids, which acts as a promoter of natural growth or recovery of sick animals in animals overdue by Mycotoxicosis, fungi, bacterial diseases or viral, nutrit..
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INDICATIONS: - Improvement of the condition in general and natural resistance. - Protects liver, kidneys and nervous system. - Promotes protein metabolism and muscle development. - Helps maintain intestinal health. - Contains Carvacrol and Thymol that act on the gastrointestinal ..
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Prebiotico Disfa Natural powdered product made from cereals for ornamental birds. It can be used as a single or complementary treatment in indigestion processes and their complications (bloating, diarrhea, constipation, etc.) Convalescence (after antibiotics use) Food supplement to improve feed..
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Protector Hepatico, is a hepato-modulator compound based on artichoke extract and choline chloride. Its effects are determined by a better hepatoprotection, an increase of hepatic detoxification, a more efficient immunoresponder, an increase of the production and liberation of bile.   These e..
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Hydrosoluble vitamin premix with choline chloride and milk thistle for cage birds.   Choline chloride is a lipotropic agent, since it favors the metabolization of fats in the liver, facilitating its correct use and preventing fatty liver. On the other hand, milk thistle contains silymarin, s..
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Ropa B electro sol is a potent solution that contains electrolytes, amino acids and vitamins and that ensures a fast and balanced recovery of the liquid after an extreme physical performance or after a disease (diarrhea).   The electrolytes ensure that the liquid is absorbed more quickly and..
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Treatment of coccidiosis and dried poultry. Dripper 2.5% exerts a coccidicidal effect in all stages of intracellular development of coccidia such as schizogony and gametogonia   Includes treatment instructions   Dosage: 4 drops in 40 ml drinker. for 3-5 days..
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The first and unique product in ornithology that simultaneously contributes PREBIOTICOS, PROBIOTICOS and POSBIOTICOS; Very useful to regulate the balance of the MICROBIOTA (intestinal flora), whose alteration is the primary cause of many diseases in the breeding of birds.   Stimulates th..
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Vanhee Vanasept Nature 12500, natural product based on propolis, tea tree, squash, thyme and apple cider vinegar to protect the upper respiratory tract.   INDICATIONS: - Provides a favorable effect on the throat. - Strengthens the immune system. - Strengthens the intestinal flora..
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Vanhee 14000 - 500ml (optimizes digestion and regenerates intestinal flora)   INDICATIONS: - Optimizes digestion and intestinal flora. - It favors digestion. - It is effective in case of intestinal dysfunction or in case of non-consistent droppings, especially if it is chicks. ..
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Liquid beer yeast enriched with vitamin C, MSM, chromium, vegetable extracts - Supplementary food for pigeons.   Van-Biergist liquid 17000 is a yeast extract of beer with a high concentration of chromium chelate, vitamin C, MSM, apple cider vinegar and plant extracts.   INDICATIONS: ..
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Compound based on garlic juice enriched with calcium, iron, glucose and vitamin C.   INDICATIONS: - Purify the blood. - Increase resistance. - It favors a quick recovery after the flight. - It favors a correct intestinal flora. - Optimizes health and makes pigeons recover..
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Totally natural product designed to increase the resistance of the organism of birds to trichomoniasis and coccidiosis.   - It favors digestion and intestinal transit. - Helps maintain healthy airways. - Try the good condition of the throat. - It has a detoxifying action, promote..
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Vitamin A 100 ml Laffi   Birds of cage, exotic, ornamental and pigeons: Vitamin A intervenes in the formation, protection and regeneration of tissues (skin and mucous membranes) and in the formation of ocular pigments, responsible for vision. It also intervenes in the regulation of bone meta..
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It is a complex vitamin / mineral powder, indicated for periods of great effort, such as periods of breeding, moulting, contest preparation or convalescence of any disease.   In addition, thanks to the contribution of electrolytes, it helps the quick recovery after any sports activity.  ..
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It is an association of vitamins containing a protective glass and prevent bleeding . We use in times of stress and in all cases of bleeding , to strengthen the immune defenses in therapeutic treatments ( coccidia , anthelmintic , etc ) .   USE : It is indicated for all kinds of birds , espe..
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new ADE is a vitamin supplement that is administered in food. It is especially recommended for canaries and ornamental birds in general. Symptom Reduction of the sexual instinct, infeasibility of the eggs, sterility in males, infertility in females. Cause deficiency due to deficiencies i..
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It can be used for any breeding or cage bird   The product is very easy to use and is based on healing herbs with no side effects.   It is indicated for coccidia, red belly, dry, black spot and respiratory system.   Instructions for use included.   35 grs  ..
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Multivitamin for mating, breeding and singing   very complete multivitamin complex, designed to meet the requirements of modern ornithology: SPRINTER stimulates the singing and fertility, improving breeding and weaning.   Instructions for use: Add 10 ml per liter of drinking wate..
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Complete food for granivore and ornamental insectivorous birds.   Contains prebiotics (fructo-oligosaccharides and beta-glucans)   Stimulates the formation of beneficial bacterial flora, improves the bodys defenses and helps the immune system  ..
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With TOTAL Biopal get: 1 - complete with anemia and other deficiency diseases currently suffering most birds in captivity and that the breeder does not decta. 2 - The chicks hatch and grow strong and vigorous. 3 - Eliminate digestive disorders, diarrhea therefore food (soft droppin..
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Vitamin and mineral supplement Bipal TOTAL 500 g
-13 %
With TOTAL Biopal get: 1 - complete with anemia and other deficiency diseases currently suffering most birds in captivity and that the breeder does not decta. 2 - The chicks hatch and grow strong and vigorous. 3 - Eliminate digestive disorders, diarrhea therefore food (soft droppings)..
2.45€ 2.83€
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Proflora avis is a probiotic powder that develops, enhances and enriches the intestinal flora of poultry. Regular use of Proflora avis contributes to the stability of the digestive system, prevents diarrhea and infections of the digestive tract and increases the bodys natural defenses against attack..
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Fungicide powder and detoxifying antigungica activi     Antifungal powder mixture and desentoxicante to be incorporated into pastas breeding and seed for feeding birds, as an inhibitor and preventive growth and proliferation of molds and yeasts. Thus the concuentes biodegradaciones, nutr..
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probiotic 375 gr - intestinal flora   It forming dewatering concentrated live lactic acid bacteria, is used to regenerate the intestinal flora maintaining a very effective optimum balance after antibiotic treatment and after vaccinations, stimulates the immune system contributing to disease ..
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