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What can you do for palm oil birds?   Palm oil is a product rich in vitamins, among other things, calcium, iron and vitamins and minerals. Palm oil often relieves plucking of the feather, promotes the growth of feathers and creates bright plumage. Even in growing young birds is a perfect sup..
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BREEDERMIX-AVIAN is specially formulated to improve conditions and have optimum fertility of adult birds during the breeding season. It is a supplement of the daily diet of adult birds, insectivores, european wildlife, parrots, exotic, tropical, fruit-eating birds, etc ...   BREEDERMIX-AVIAN..
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Vitamina K1 Animalpro
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Fytomenadion (K1) is essential for bone metabolism better vascular resistance - essential for blood clotting - after administration of a sulfate based and antibiotics.   Also with problems peak and / or -less nnas infeciones influence fungal and can help return damage liver!   50 gra..
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