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Food for parrots

Product Overview    African Parrot Loro Parque Mix is an enriched seed mixture with complementary nutrients, specially made for all African parrots such as grays, parrots and parakeets Jardine Guinea. All Prestige Premium Loro Parque mixtures are composed of a variety of grains and seeds con..
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Product Overview    Amazon Parrot Loro Parque Mix is an enriched seed mixture with additional nutrients, especially developed for all South American parrots such as amazon, pionus, the carinaranjas parrots, macaws small and large Aratingas. All Prestige Premium Loro Parque mixtures are compo..
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Product presentation Australian Parrot Loro Parque Mix is an enriched seed mixture with extra food elements, specially made for all cockatoos. All the Prestige Premium Loro Parque mixtures are composed with a very varied supply of seeds and grains and cont..
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Prestige Ara Loro Parque Mix is ??a mixture of seeds enriched with complementary nutrients, specially prepared for all large macaws, although they can also be administered to the cockatoos of the Moluccas and black cockatoos.   All Prestige Premium Loro Parque blends are composed of a wide v..
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Product Overview    African Parrot Loro Parque Mix is an enriched seed mixture with complementary nutrients, specially made for all African parrots such as grays, parrots and parakeets Jardine Guinea. All Prestige Premium Loro Parque mixtures are composed of a variety of grains and seeds con..
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It is indicated for species that in the wild consume a significant amount of seeds of oleaginous plants (macaws, gray parrots ...).   Consumption approximately ingest 5% to 8% of your weight. For example, a gray parrot will consume 20 to 40 g daily.   Protein: 17% Fat: el..
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Psittacus pienso fórmula alta energía.    CARACTERÍSTICAS DE LOS PRODUCTOS PSITTACUS PSITTACUS es una gama de alimentos completos para aves de la familia de las psitácidas. Estos alimentos han sido ideados para que los loros encuentren en ellos todos los nutrientes, vitaminas y minerales nec..
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Fórmula Alta Energía Indicada Está indicada para especies que en estado salvaje consumen una cantidad importante de semillas de plantas oleaginosas (guacamayos, loros grises, poicephalus...).   Los piensos de mantenimiento están indicados para ser suministrados a las masc..
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Psittacus omega think of premium nutritional richness maxima    indicated  Formula that can be supplied exclusively or complement to  many different species of parrots of medium to large size. It may be  used ad libitum with macaws, grays and poicephalus. It  recommended to u..
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Mixture enriched with dried fruit, grain and flaked Vitaminics and soy protein, corn, egg powder, yeast and alfalfa seed granules.    Formulated diet for healthy maintenance and reproduction of medium to large parrots.    Packed by Jarad    3 kg  ..
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Premium food for parrots from seeds with dried fruit and cereals fortified with flakes and granules Vitaminics suplememento providing extra vitamins, proteins and trace elements. 3 kg..
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Complete food especially suitable for gray parrots.    Food that contains all the seeds that be in the gray parrot their region of origin: Africa.    The main ingredients are: sunflower seeds, dates, figs, beans and corn.  750 gr..
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Amazonian complementary food for parrots    Vitakraft Amazonian parrots complementary food for 750 grams (net weight). Special food for parrots whose place of origin is South America, for example, amazons and macaws. It is a complete food with seeds and fruits of their place of origin, such ..
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Cockatoo is supreme for larger birds that require special nutrients and variety in their diet. Jarad has developed a special formula for parrots, with high protein content for their specific needs. This food contains a variety of tastes to keep your bird happy, while delivering optimal nutrition nec..
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It is one of the best feed can be provided throughout the year. Not produce waste. For its composition prevents deficiency states prior to the diet of seeds and guarantees balanced nutrient inputs. Especially suitable ratio between fat and protein.    It is a highly digestible without charge..
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Pasta Psitaceos Parrocheto (Manitoba)   Dried pasta professional quality extra special Psitaceos small parrots, rosellas, lovebirds, Forpus and nymphs, based bakery products, vegetable protein extracts, oils and fats, natural sugars, egg and egg products, minerals, natural flavors, berries a..
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Parrot Feed My Parrots Unique (Manitoba)   Manufacturer: MANITOBA   Complete extruded food for medium and large size parrots such as Amazon parrots, cockatoos, yaks and macaws.   Composition: Cereals, vegetable protein extracts, vegetable-based products, natural vegetables, e..
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The seeds are oleaginous seeds, very appreciated by parrots of all sizes. We must bear in mind that they should not be the only basis of their diet. They have a high content of albumin (15%), vitamin E, B1, B2, niacin, iron, phosphorus, potassium, vegetable fats and proteins.   Jarad is a 10..
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It is a delicious complete feed carefully prepared with seeds, cereals, nuts and 100% peeled fruits of first quality, provides your parrot with a complete and optimal nutrition providing all the essential nutrients and vitamins, in this way your parrot will enjoy a long life full of vitality and ene..
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Excellent food KIKI African species.   Most of the African species, including the gray parrot, feeding on forests in the mountains or on the savannah. In these landscapes abound berries and nuts as the fig, carob, date palms, etc..   Provide correct these beautiful birds feeding, sup..
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Manitoba Amazon Parrots Nectar is enriched with Manitoba , a nutritional concentrate high biological value and an important stage of development in each integrator.   Composition : Cereals , seeds , fruit and nuts (12 % ) , vegetables , minerals , eggs and egg products , vegetable protein ex..
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Max Menu Parrots and Macaws are birds belonging to the family of Pistácidas, characterized by high longevity and high intelligence. However, this same intelligence, can provoke inappropriate behavior patterns of its kind in the free state. To avoid such situations, it is essential to interact with t..
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With extra-large percentage of giant pipes, granules vitaminados, peanuts, pumpkin seeds, white pipe, maize and durum wheat. For its balanced formulation, prevents excess fat feeding.   Ensures the contribution of fatty acids vital to the health of these birds. Stimulates heat cycles helping..
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Product Overview    Australian Parrot Loro Parque Mix is an enriched seed mixture with specially made for all cockatoos complementary nutrients. All Prestige Premium Loro Parque mixtures are composed of a variety of grains and seeds contain some treats for parrots such as puffed grains, pump..
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Product Presentation   NutriBird P 19 Original is a complete feed and balanced breeding parrots. Are granulated with a scientifically approved composition, based on selected grains , fresh fruit and peanuts. Fully consumable, no losses . Florastimul contains a substance that stimulates and p..
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Mxt . Parrots Yacos "African Parrots " ( Manitoba )   Extra special mixture of professional quality for African gray parrots " Yacos " Formula balanced recommended throughout the year .   Ingredients: Seeds , cereals , fruit and nuts (13 % ) , vegetables , minerals , egg, egg product..
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NutriBird P 15 Tropical is a complete and balanced maintenance feed for parrots. They are granulated with a scientifically proven composition based on selected cereals, fresh fruit and peanuts. Completely absorbable, no waste. Contains Florastimul, a substance that stimulates the intestinal flora an..
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Product presentation NutriBird P 15 Original is a balanced complete maintenance food for parrots. Pellets with a scientifically approved composition, based on selected grains, fresh fruit and peanuts. Completely consumable, no losses. Contains Florastimul,..
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