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Natural Stop 20gr (Regulador Intestinal)

Natural Stop 20gr (Regulador Intestinal) Pineta
Natural Stop 20gr (Regulador Intestinal)
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Natural pineta stop
Suitable for diarrhea, constipation, convalencias after use of antibiotics.
It is a combination of natural substances, vitamins, minerals and trace elements and an absorbent effective for regulating digestive action functions. It is recommended in the case of dietary imbalances, regulates the intestinal pH and, in particular, promotes the standardization process of the mucosa and intestinal bacterial flora. Can easily intercept and get fluids into the intestinal lumen thus preserving the integrity of the mucosa and regulating the intestinal tract transit. Improves digestion and assimilation, preserves tissues. Antibiotic-free.
It recommends: As a dietary supplement during the acclimation period, in moments of weakness and physical stress, in case of diarrhea and food poisoning.
  Use: mix well with pasta.
Dosage: 10g per kilo of pasta.
Treatment duration: 5 consecutive days.
Loading dose: 15-20 g per kg paste.
Treatment duration: 5 consecutive days.
Maintenance: 3-4 consecutive days each month.
Packaging: 20 gr

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