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Enzy Complex Pineta 20 grs

Enzy Complex Pineta 20 grs Offers
Enzy Complex Pineta 20 grs
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It is a combination of nutritional substances, fructooligosacáridos milk enzymes capable of preserving and rebalance the intestinal bacterial flora. It consists of a selection of microorganisms capable of living the intestine reach and positively promote intestinal health of the bird. The product functions as prebiotics and probiotic play
The important role of assisting the activities of the bacteria in the gut, thus strengthening the barrier effect of the intestinal mucosa stimulating the immune response and the balance of immune system components. Since each bacterial population has its own metabolism, their coexistence is possible thanks to the control that each species has on the development of the other. Maintaining bowel regularity is a useful barrier to excessive proliferation of pathogenic bacteria, while an imbalance can cause changes in the number and quality of bacteria. the immune system is stimulated, the disease resistance is improved, creating a barrier effect against pathogenic microorganisms body, improves absorption of nutrients, strengthens the intestinal flora beneficial bacterial, prevents the growth of pathogenic bacteria and leads to a lower rate mortality.
Provide daily to prevent gastrointestinal disorders and to improve the welfare of the body by strengthening its natural defenses. It is advisable to use ENZYCOMPLEX throughout the year, but it is essential to manage it during those phases of the life cycle, in which the body is more easily exposed to debilitating periods: before hatching, during the growth of chickens during the molting, after exhibitions, performances and / or contests.
Use: mix well with food or dissolved in drinking water. If fed water, it is advisable to replace every 6 hours and requires clean drinking fountains
Dose: 10 g per kg of feed or drinking water per liter.
Duration of treatment: 10 consecutive days.
Loading dose: 15 g per kg of food or drinking water per liter.
Treatment Duration: 5 consecutive days.
Maintenance once a week.

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