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Rainbow Carduelis UNICA - Colorante para jilgueros

Rainbow Carduelis UNICA - Colorante para jilgueros Bird coloring
Rainbow Carduelis UNICA - Colorante para jilgueros
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  • Brands UNICA
  • Model 6590

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Rainbow Carduelis is a ready-to-use pigment paste specifically for goldfinches and passerines with reddish colors.

Rainbow Carduelis exalts the mask of the goldfinches by keeping the wing band bright yellow.

Rainbow Carduelis is supplied directly on a tab or small biscuit. Purposefully studied to naturally mark the distinctive lipochromic traits typical of this species.

Rainbow Carduelis is a 100% natural product, composed of raw materials characterized by a strong non-invasive pigmenting power.

Composition: Dandelion root extract, Tagetes vegetable lutein, red fruit anthocyanins, carotenoids, proteinized pollen, fruit and cereals.

Dosage 1 longue per day per bird.

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