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mezcla colorante 40 grs

mezcla colorante 40 grs

mezcla colorante 40 grs
mezcla colorante 40 grs
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Canthaxanthin: is very red and very powerful pigmenting, and rapid assimilation is water soluble, bone can be diluted in water but is often used with pasta mixed breeding. gives an intense red. 
Carophyll: Virtually like canthaxanthin, the main difference is that its molecular structure is slower assimilation bone the advantage is that if one day you do not provide your birds paste the Carophyll they still assimilating. 
Beta-carotene: is a dark orange color, it is also water soluble, has a high degree of pigmentancion, yet provides a high gloss pen, logically we will have to use mixed with one of the above. 
The mixture of the three components is ideal for red factor birds.

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