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Vell Brill Pineta | Mudas

Vell Brill Pineta | Mudas Muda
Vell Brill Pineta | Mudas
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Especially suitable for normal move or in cases of difficult or too dumb durable.
Vitamins, trace elements, minerals, choline and Methionine combined, are important for maintaining biological balances during physiological stress caused by molting. Help prevent deficiencies and promote the proper functioning of different systems in a period in which a rapid metabolic rebalancing process is essential.
It is recommended: To develop the plumage of the chicks, for moulting adults for fixing and exaltation of colors for a bright, bright, rich and velvety plumage.
Use: mix well with food.
Dose: 20 to 30 grams per kg of feed.
Duration of treatment is recommended to start feeding him about a week before molting. Feed daily during the moulting season.
nutritional / kg Additives
Methionine 20.000 mg
Colina 7,500 mg
6,000 mg vitamin PP
Calcium D-Pant. 5,500 mg
Zinco 3,500 mg
Ferro 2000 mg
1000 mg Vitamin H1
Rame 500 mg
Vitamin H 100 mg
Iodio 50 mg

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