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Echina Fertiplus de UNICA - Huevos y Fertilidad en sus aves

Echina Fertiplus de UNICA - Huevos y Fertilidad en sus aves Cría y celo
Echina Fertiplus de UNICA - Huevos y Fertilidad en sus aves
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Echina Fertiplus from UNICA - Eggs and Fertility in your birds

Complementary food for professional ornithology that contains a mixture of CHLORELLA, ECHINACEA and MILK THISTLE.

Its multi-complex formula acts on several important metabolic factors in the pre- and post-reproductive phases.

Prepares the subjects in the best way for the spring hormonal change, supports the immune system, contains female phytoestrogens, promotes a correct and constant flow of testosterone in the blood, maintains the necessary elements for the body for a greater production of stable ovules and more bioavailable (27% more in experimentation with laying hens).

It also favors rapid recovery between one stool and the next, increases the transport of mother-egg carotenoids, saturating the tissues of the newborn, with a better final result of post-moult coloration in all color factors (not white). It removes heavy metals by eliminating them with feces.

Decreases ammonia production by 25% (research data).

Use the daily ration:

 PRE-Hatching 20gr/kg



Lightly treated wheat starch pregel, Echinacea purpurea, root and leaves of E. Angustifoglia, unicellular chlorella algae (European production), pea protein concentrate, flowers and parts thereof, mixture of certified medicinal herbs, minerals, trace elements, vitamins and provitamins, calcium, vitamin E, vitamin C, xanthophylls and oxycarotenoids (microquantities expressed in micrograms), purified milk thistle extract.

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