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Hidraplus Avianvet is a product based on electrolytes to dissolve in water that prevents dehydration caused by infectious processes that trigger coccidiosis, enterobacteria or candida, avoiding possible diarrheal disorders.
Hidraplus Avianvet is indicated for administration in the paste reducing the effects of high temperatures and heat stroke.
Supplementary food for ornamental birds
Composition: Dextrose; Sodium chloride; Sodium bicarbonate; Potassium chloride; Calcium chloride
Preservatives: Citric acid
Amino acids, their salts and analogues: Glycine (contributes to the repair of the digestive mucosa)
How to use and dosage:
Administration in drinking water at doses of 2-5 gr / liter for the stabilization of water and electrolyte balance. Prevention and treatment of dehydration and diarrhea. It can be used in breeding paste to prevent dehydration in litter at weaning at doses of 5-7 gr / kg of pasta. To administer at doses of 2.5 gr / liter of drinking water for the transport of specimens to contests or ornithological events.
Containers of 125grs and 1 kg.

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