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Protan 1.5kg

Protan 1.5kg Otros
Protan 1.5kg
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Protan is a powder supplement with all the vitamins and minerals for the animals' metabolism to work properly.


Vitamin and mineral supplement for all types of farm animals (hens, chickens, pigs, ducks, partridges, rabbits...), dogs, cats and birds

Provides the necessary vitamins and minerals when animals have greater nutritional needs (breeding and reproduction, moulting...) and in situations of stress or weakness (illness, weather changes, competitions, quarantines, changes in diet, infestations by mites or lice)

Composition (per 10 kg): Vitamin A 10,000,000 Ul, Vitamin D3 2,000,000 Ul, Vitamin E 2 g, Vitamin B1 0.50 g, Vitamin B2 1.50 g, Vitamin B6 0.50 g, Vitamin B12 5 mg, Vitamin K3 1.50 g, Nicotinic Acid 5 g, Calcium Pantothenate 2.5 g, Manganese 88.59 g, Iron 126.55 g, Copper 39.39 g, Cobalt 0.70 g, Zinc 40.90 g , Iodine 2.01 g, Selenium 492 mg, Molybdenum 494 mg, Magnesium Oxide 93.4 g, Sodium Chloride 1000 g.

How to use: Mix 10 g of Protan per 1 kg of breeding paste or feed

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