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Flower Energy polen proteinizado

Flower Energy polen proteinizado Estados carenciales
Flower Energy polen proteinizado
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  • Brands UNICA
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Particularly prized as an occasional delicacy to be served in biscuits, but can also be added to pasta or other dry foods.

The virgin pollen that makes up 50% revives the plumage and provides significant amounts of energy, thanks to high amounts of vitamin B-12, supported by green pea proteins and essential amino acids with high biological value, make this innovative product a formidable tonic / invigorating and energizing.

Recommended in all times of stress, such as competitions, aftercare, moulting, rickets, etc.

Use and indications:

Mix 10gr. / kg of Unica or dry food or provide it as such in a reed holder.

Presentation: 100 grams and 350 grams

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