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Hydra Secrets White Formula

Hydra Secrets White Formula Baño
Hydra Secrets White Formula
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Hydra Secrets White Formula ensures deep and natural colors, especially in birds with light colors.
Liquid moisturizer with biomarine elements, perfect formula for plumage.
Hydra Secrets is the ultimate moisturizing conditioner specifically studied to care for the plumage of white-bottomed birds.
It is rich in bioactive ingredients that are perfectly suitable for the treatment of the structure of the feathers.
Regular use makes the feathers become visibly brighter and more colorful from the first application.
Remember that this product can be swallowed or sprayed on the eyes of the bird without any consequence for your health.
- This is a highly professional product ready to use.
- Spray the bird with the product at a distance of 20/30 cm.
- Spray throughout the plumage of the bird and let it dry naturally.
- Repeat the treatment daily for perfect cleaning
Hydra Secrets ensures natural and deep colors, especially in white birds or light colors.
This product is absolutely harmless to birds, can be ingested or sprayed on the eyes without any consequence for the health of the birds.
Mixture of biomarine elements (Chlorella, Laminaria, Corallina, Spirulina), a rich blend of active ingredients that nourish the skin, feathers and legs of birds.
Perfect water soluble keratin to strengthen the structure of the feathers.
A blend of five herbs (plantain, mallow, horsetail, Althea and fenugreek) that create a "cocktail" that hydrates the skin creating strong, elastic plumage.
A moisturizing composition - oligosaccharides, natural polysaccharides, elastin, hydrolyzed collagen - which feeds, nourishes, restructures and makes plumage brighter.
Medicinal Aloe Vera provides additional protection against insect bites.
FORMAT: 600 ml

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