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AviMedica AviMune 250 grs (tratamiento Adenocoli y Salmonelosis)

AviMedica AviMune 250 grs (tratamiento Adenocoli y Salmonelosis) Otros
AviMedica AviMune 250 grs (tratamiento Adenocoli y Salmonelosis)
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AviMedica AviMune 250 grams, (Adenocoli and Salmonellosis treatment). For birds
- Prevention of viral and bacterial diseases of the gastrointestinal tract (adeno-coli equipment, salmonellosis, klostridioza) caused by infection by circovirus, stress, transport, exhibitions, racing.
- Stimulates not only the intestinal tract, but also the organism of the pigeon for the preparation of the vaccination.
- Contains Alicyna (active ingredient in garlic and onions) that operates as a bactericide, fungicide and virucide.
- It also contains good amino acids for the formation of antibodies and vitamins that are catalysts for the formation of specific immunoglobulins.
ß-glucans, MOS (Mann-oligosaccharides), yeast extract, onion powder, garlic powder, anise powder, citric acid, vitamin E, vitamin. C, vitamin. K, vit. B1, vitamin. B2, vitamin. B6, vit. B12, vitamin. H, wit. PP, L-lysine, choline.
- As preventive: 5 grams per 1 kg of food for 5-7 consecutive days in a month.
- As support in the treatment of gastrointestinal diseases: 5 gr per kilo of food during the antibiotic treatment and 3 days after its termination.
- In breeding season: 10 grams per 1 kg of food, 3 times per week.
- Before vaccination: 5 grams per kilo of food for 10 days before vaccination. Before mixing the product with food it is recommended to moisten with AviLiv.
- Jar of 250 grams.

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