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BACTERIGEL G-3 (Bactericida Coronavirus)

BACTERIGEL G-3 (Bactericida Coronavirus) Bird Health
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BACTERIGEL G-3 (Bactericida Coronavirus)
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Self-drying hydroalcoholic solution for skin and hands


Antiseptic for the healthy skin of patients and for the pre-surgical rubbing of the sanitary technical personnel.


Preoperative surgical treatment: Apply the pure product (3 ml)

always on healthy, clean and dry skin, spreading it over the entire

surface of the hands, rubbing well between the fingers, and forearms for 3 minutes. Let it dry or use a sterile towel.

Hygienic treatment: Apply the pure product (5ml) always on healthy, clean and dry skin, rubbing on the skin for 30 seconds. Let it dry or use a sterile towel. Antiseptic for external use. Do not eat. Do not inhale. It will not be used in people sensitive to its components, in large areas of the skin, or for a long time. Do not mix with other products.

750 ml

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