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Catigene Plus Desinfectante - Amonio cuaternario

Catigene Plus Desinfectante - Amonio cuaternario

Catigene Plus Desinfectante - Amonio cuaternario
Catigene Plus Desinfectante - Amonio cuaternario
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General disinfectant for premises, environments, facilities and utensils in the food industry. It has a high bacteriostatic and bactericidal power. Eliminates bad odors produced by fermentation or bacteria.

Its surfactant character gives it great wetting and penetration power.

It is not corrosive with materials at the dose of use.

The product is stable for more than three years at room temperature. Use until the expiration date shown on the package. Store the product in its original, closed container in a dry, cool and well-ventilated place. Keep away from solar radiation and other heat sources.

Recommended doses:

By spraying: 10 ml/liter of water.

By immersion: 5 ml/liter of water.

By washing: 5 ml/liter of water.

After application, rinse with drinking water or steam to eliminate product residues on surfaces and utensils that may come into contact with food.

1.5 liters

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