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Prestige periquitos 1 kg

Prestige periquitos 1 kg Food for exotic
Prestige periquitos 1 kg
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  • Brands Versele-Laga
  • Product Code: 330
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Prestige for parakeets , brand , Versele Laga.
Full meal brand Versele Laga for parakeets and small parrots. It is a staple for providing a long and healthy life , and a strong and flamboyant plumage.
This seed mix provides a balanced supply of all essential nutrients . This bird food is the best foundation for a strong , flamboyant , natural colors for a long and healthy life plumage.
Mijo 52 % silver , 16 % red millet , millet silver 12% , 9% oat seeds , canary 5% linseed 3% , 2.5 % thistle seeds, niger 0.5 %

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