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Green7, cage cleaner

Green7, cage cleaner HYGIENE
Green7, cage cleaner
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Stop Scraping and Rubbing!


Stop scraping and rubbing! Cleans / Degreases / Removes Odor


Green7 Bird Breeder is the most complete professional cleanser, developed by & for the bird lover.
Green7 Bird Breeder is a safe and biodegradable cleaner.
Green7 Bird Breeder is a safe and biodegradable cleaning product
Green7 Bird Breeder efficiently removes all organic dirt.
Green7 Bird Breeder complies with the HACCP standard.



It is ideal for cleaning and degreasing the raisable trays, excrement boxes, stone floors of the aviaries, cement, tiles, exposy, ...
Quickly cleans T.T cages, transporters, aviaries, wire panels, cages for reproduction, large cages for running, ...
Quickly removes debris and droppings from parasites and red mites from smaller cracks and seams
Powerful cleaner of green inlays in water fountains, upholstery, food dishes, reproduction boxes, nurseries for breeding, ...
Safe application among others in, plastic, aluminum, galvanized metal, wood, stone, ceramics and Trespa (HPL), ...
Eliminates stains of Canthaxanthin dyes.


How to use:

Spray Bird Breeder on the dirty surface. Go from bottom to top doing vertical applications. Leave on for a few minutes and then wipe with a humid cloth or sponge and rinse with clean water (repeat if necessary).
On very dirty floors and walls first remove loose dirt, leftover food, excrement, ... Spray next Bird Breeder. Allow to be well impregnated and rinse with high pressure hose or garden hose.


Sensitive surfaces

Always test in an inconspicuous place.
On porous surfaces such as concrete, natural wood, carpets, ... it is recommended to use a soft brush.


Big surfaces

Both pure and mixed with water can be used.
It can also be used with a pressure sprayer or high pressure cleaner.

Ingredients: Phosphates <5%, nonionic surfactants <5%, EDTA and its salts, <5% anionic surfactants, 5 <5%, perfumes, <5%.

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