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Yellow Color 100 gr.

Yellow Color 100 gr.
Yellow Color 100 gr.
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Complementary food for the cage and birdhouse birds
In the subjects that have a genetic composition
It is characterized by a strong yellow color or with a diet rich in xanthophylls it is advisable to reduce the dose up to 2.5 g per kg of pastoncino. A measuring cup contains 7 g of product.
They always have a lot of fresh and clean water. Store in a cool, dry place.
Concentrated vegetable dye that provides lutein, designed to intensify the yellow bird color and its protective effect against free radicals.
The best effect we can find by feeding the product with pastoncino robbery. It is not soluble in water.
Composition: vegetable, mineral byproducts. Additives: Organoleptic additives, from Marigold erect 90% extract (which brings 17,000 mg / kg lutein).
How to use:
6 g (one tablespoon) per kg of pastoncino, preferably steal, from 2 weeks before the placement of the first yellow lipocroma egg, beginning the suit with white wings of mosaic and during the season of exhibitions of the subjects that should be exposed.


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