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UNICA Pea Porridge 40% Proteina

UNICA Pea Porridge 40% Proteina Morbid Perla - Chips
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UNICA Pea Porridge 40% Proteina
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UNICA PEA PORRIDGE 40 is a special preparation based on peas with a high protein value, 40% of the dry product (predigested proteins).

Excellent in preparation, breeding, growth and moulting, very appetizing and digestible for granivorous birds.

Instructions for use: moistened with water in a ratio of 1 to 1.5, wait five minutes and shell with a fork.

The product will grow soft and tender.

It can be enriched with fresh vegetables and fruits, cooked or germinated seeds, UNICA softball, UNICA new insect, and other preparations.

2 kilo package

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