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Legazin - Concentrado de celo..
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Aqua Bird (Legazin) is to adjust the pH of the water 1L goes for about 200 liters of water   The citric acid phosphoric acid with the pH of the water level the emergence of Enterobacteriaceae inhibiting large and wide - the type Esterichia coli, clostridium, salmonella.   Regulates c..
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Against coccidiosis and megabacterias   TARGET SPECIES:   European, exotic wildlife, canaries, parrots, etc.   INDICATIONS:   Intestinal diseases caused by coccidia, megabacterias, etc.   You can combine with antibiotics   It is recommended to administ..
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Liver protector . Artichoke Thistle    Liver function optimizes / regenerator and fortifying   Target species : Goldfinches , canaries, exotic , psittacines , etc.   Ingredients : Concentrated Milk Thistle and Artichoke   Directions: Manage all year , especially in critical..
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Liquid supplement for nervous or stressed birds.   Format: 160 ml   Composition: Extracts of natural plants.   Indications: Use in situations of stress, such as competitions, transportation, etc. You can use a day or two per week to keep them relaxed.   How to use: 4 ..
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Ointment for all types of scales and wounds on the legs.INGREDIENTS: Aqua, mineral oil, glycerin, plant extract, potassium sulfate, sodium chloride, sulfur, B.H.T.INSTRUCTIONS FOR USE: Apply on the scales or wounds as many times as necessary.30 mlKEEP IN A COOL AND DRY PLACE...
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Regenerator and intestinal promoter.It is composed of prebiotics (to help the selective growth of beneficial bacteria), probiotics (live microorganisms beneficial to health) and plant extracts that help protect the intestinal mucosa.This product is in soluble powder, and its administration can be bo..
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Nutritional supplement against pecking on the move. Destined to canaries, finches, suckers, Greenfinches, siskin of Venezuela, etc, and generally any bird cage. With amino acids + minerals + Vitamins.   Proper supplementation with amino acids, vitamins and minerals designed to meet the nutri..
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Product with extracts of natural plants that helps control the load of coccidiosis, bacteria and fungi, regulates intestinal transit and strengthens the immune system.   Species of destination: Jilgueros, Cardenalitos de venezuela, Lugano, Pardillo, etc.   How to use: Administer free..
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Recuperator for deficiency states with electrolytes, vitamin K, amino acids and vitamins. Apply during and after curative treatments and to the return of trips, contests, expositions and other stress situations for the birds, until they are recovered. Destination species: Goldfinches, cana..
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LEGAZIN Encelador is a complementary food for ornamental birds with Nettle Extract + Vitamin E + Maca.Composition: Nettle extract and Maca.Vitamins: A, D3, K, B1, B2, B6, B12, E, Biotin and Copper.Instructions for use: From 6 to 12 ml per liter of drinking water, until the desired results are obtain..
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Detoxifying and liver protector liquid   Milk Thistle Extract (Silybum marianum) Extract of Artichoke (Cynara scolymus) and Glycerol optimizes liver function and fortifying high regenerative power.   Target species;   Ornamental birds like canaries, finches, diamond, parakeet..
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Legazin probiotic - promoter of the intestinal flora   Target species: Canarios, Pardillos, Greenfinches, Cardenalitos of Venezuela, and all kinds psittacine bird cage.   Composition: Lichenifornmis Bacillus, Bacillus subtilis.   Directions: Legazin Probiotic enriches and sti..
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Legazin Vitamin B12 plus   Fast-assimilating metabolic stimulant   Ingredients: Vitamin B12 and Grycerol.   How to use: Apply in states of weakness and stress and in the process of recovery from diseases. It is also recommended as a preventive.   Species of destinatio..
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Promoter intestinal flora ornizin   Ingredients: Lactobacillus , fructose and vitamins .   How to use: Apply after curative treatment for 15 days. It can be combined with Liver Protector Legazin and total calcium .   Target species : Finches , canaries, exotic ..
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