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Alimento completo para especies africanas 800 gr

Alimento completo para especies africanas 800 gr Food for parrots
Alimento completo para especies africanas 800 gr
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Excellent food KIKI African species.
Most of the African species, including the gray parrot, feeding on forests in the mountains or on the savannah. In these landscapes abound berries and nuts as the fig, carob, date palms, etc..
Provide correct these beautiful birds feeding, supports their better health and psychological.
This mixed with figs and dates provides health and wellness African psittacine species. In general tend to be very long-lived parrots, but his life may be shortened due to incorrect feeding malfunction producing some of their organs.
A diet rich in protein and high in vitamin A, contributes to a good development of the plumage.
It also contains the correct proportion of added marine calcium for healthy bones and well developed.
We must provide the bird about 30 grams and always keep fresh water available.
Package of 800 grams.

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