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Semilla Alta Germinación 7,5 kg MANITOBA

Semilla Alta Germinación 7,5 kg MANITOBA Seeds
Semilla Alta Germinación 7,5 kg MANITOBA
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Niger, turnip, safflower (white thistle), katiang jode, wheat, white lettuce, white sorghum, hemp, alfalfa, vegetable garden, quinoa.

Germination is the process in which the seed awakens from its resting state; a fundamental element in this process is the presence of water which, penetrating into the dehydrated dormant seed, favors enzymatic reactions that make the reserve substances more assimilable: nutrients such as vitamins, enzymes, trace elements, essential amino acids of which the germinated seed is composed very rich. These are very hungry, besides having a stimulating action on feeding in females. The nutritional transformations that occur during germination, however, do not significantly modify the percentage content of the different nutrients, with the exception of vitamins that in some cases increase significantly, but only the digestibility of these, so in breeding it is essential to have adequate protein and energy supplementation. In addition to guaranteeing the contribution of noble proteins (eggs and derivatives), the "Dolce Forno" small feed provides highly digestible energy from heat-treated starches, ideal for the still incomplete enzymatic set of the smallest. In particular, Manitoba High Germination is indicated for small to medium sized birds such as Canaries, Carduelidi, Diamantini, Parakeets, etc...

The visible manifestation of the germination phase coincides with the emission of the radicle which, in addition to the abundant presence of water, is favored by an adequate thermal level.

Water and heat are the same elements that trigger the development of molds and therefore of mycotoxins. To avoid the activation of fungal spores (ubiquitous in the environment and in the soil), even if starting from healthy and well-preserved seeds, full compliance with some fundamental rules of behavior is essential.

Instructions for proper use

The essential steps are represented by a very careful washing and soaking for 12 hours; it is recommended to repeat the operation after 6 hours. The seed thus treated is collected in a flat-bottomed sieve (to favor oxygenation) and left to germinate in a warm and humid environment for 24 hours. In practice, the seeds are placed on a layer of water without being in contact with it, the whole is covered with a cloth to create the ideal conditions of humidity and temperature, taking care to rinse the seeds several times during the day.

Molds and toxins

The risk of mold growth is influenced by germination time, temperature, the level of contamination of the seeds themselves, washing methods and frequency of rinsing, the level of hygiene/disinfection of the material used and the environment

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