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Negrillo Alta Germinación Jarad

Negrillo Alta Germinación Jarad
Negrillo Alta Germinación Jarad
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The high germination negrillo premifood jarad is a very high quality negrillo, highly appreciated by canaries due to its pleasant taste.

It is a seed rich in fats (38-43%) and proteins (23%) with a certain exciting effect that favours the depositions and gives brightness to the plumage.

Premmifood High Germination has a germination rate of over 95%, which indicates its quality and freshness.

As it is a fatty seed, it should be fed to the bird sparingly.

Both dry and germinated, it is a very popular seed for our birds.

The speed of germination will make the fattening of the chicks a much simpler task and with much less effort on our part.

Formats: 1kg, 3kg and 20kg.

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