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Sobre Preparación muda 500gr pro complet

Sobre Preparación muda 500gr pro complet Food for canaries
Sobre Preparación muda 500gr pro complet
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 About Muda Preparation 500g pro complet

Complement for the MUDA SIN DORÉ

Product to be added to the PRO COMPLETE Pineta feed during the moulting season

Formulated to satisfy the nutritional needs of the birds during the moulting period, favouring a progressive, regular and homogeneous moult. The composition, rich in sulphur amino acids, biotin and group B vitamins, improves the structural characteristics of the keratin in the feathers, favouring a silky and resistant plumage; it supports the natural expression of the chromatic components of the plumage.

Its load of essential amino acids helps to reduce pecking and cannibalism among birds.

Molting Lipo Addition favors the correct assimilation and fixation of colorants thanks to its lipid content and balanced combination of antioxidants.


oil seeds, oil fruits and their derived products, bakery and pasta products, oils and fats, tubers, roots and their derived products, various, milk products and their derived products, other plants, algae and their derived products (ext. oregano), minerals, yeasts.

Instructions for use

Use: mix carefully with Complete Feed Mantenimento (Maintenance) and serve in a trough freely available to the bird as exclusive food.

Dosage: 500 g per 1 kg of feed. For the coloring phase, it is necessary to add the traditional colorants respecting the doses, the duration of the treatment and the method of administration of the product used.

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