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Versele laga prestige snack colorines y pajaros silvestres

Versele laga prestige snack colorines y pajaros silvestres
Versele laga prestige snack colorines y pajaros silvestres
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Snacks are part of a new generation of healthy snacks for birds. This range of products offers a variety of appetizing snacks 25: candy, cookies and bars. These fresh snacks help improve vitality and physical condition and are guaranteed their birds a Happy Life. By offering your favorite bird products Prestige Premium Snacks range bird daily, it will be attracted towards you and then can create strong friendships. 
The snacks are made by a process of revolutionary and completely renovated with fresh vegetables and fresh fruit production. Directly incorporating these ingredients freshly harvested greatly increases the palate, intake and digestibility. In all snacks, supplements Vitamins, Amino Acids and Minerals (VAM) are added. Fructo-oligosaccharides (Florastimul) present in the product promote optimal bowel function. The packaging 100% guaranteed freshness provides maximum freshness and flavor and good preservation of vitamins. 
Composition: 100% wild seeds sevillas 
Directions: You should not represent more than 25% of the daily ration of food. 
125 grams

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