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Snacks for birds

VERSELE LAGA PRESTIGE COLORINES SNACK AND WILD BIRDS    Snacks are part of a new generation of healthy snacks for birds. This range of products offers a variety of appetizing snacks 25: candy, cookies and bars. These fresh snacks help improve vitality and physical condition and are guarantee..
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Prestige loros exóticos de Frutas Mix es una mezcla de granos cuidadosamente seleccionados, enriquecidos y madurados por el sol y deliciosos frutos secos nueces sin cáscara. En la producción de Frutas Exóticas Mezcle sólo se utilizan los productos más frescos, sin adición de colorantes ni saborizant..
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Exotic Light is a delicacy which large Parakeets and Parrots just love. They want their fill of the many puffed grains (including maize, puffed wheat and grain pearls) and to enjoy the full rich mix of fruits and seeds. Give Exotic Light as a feed, as a reward, or with a Versele-Laga seed mixtur..
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Es una mezcla de cereales cuidadosamente seleccionados y enriquecida con deliciosas nueces con cáscara y frutas secas maduradas al sol. Exotic Nut Mix se elabora exclusivamente con productos frescos y no contiene colorantes ni aromatizantes añadidos. Versele-Laga apoya a Loro Parque Fundación, ..
Ex Tax:6.18€
Kiki Cocktail de Frutas Excellent Loros is a complementary meal to vary and enrich the diet of parrots and parakeets. It consists of a careful selection of juicy fruits and nuts. It has been packaged in a controlled atmosphere that allows the food to remain fresh and aromatic. The container has a li..
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The ball of fat is a product of the highest quality, made with refined bovine fat, mixed with seeds and peanut pieces.The ball goes inside a plastic net, ideal for hanging both inside the cage and in aviaries, aviaries and even for feeding birds in forests and gardens.Poultry fat ball Fat balls are ..
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It is a complete and balanced feed for Psitacidae in the form of delicious, brightly coloured balls, allowing the bird to be kept in perfect condition, due to its energy, vitamin and protein content.Thanks to its shape and size, especially designed for small and medium sized birds, it reduces food w..
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Pilesan dried fruit for birds (parrots, lovebirds, parakeets, nymphs) is a natural complementary food that enriches your bird's daily diet. A great way to offer you everything you need in a simple way to achieve a complete and balanced diet. Fruits are easy to digest and have loads of vitamins and m..
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Food supplement for free birds in the form of balls, which can be hung from a branch. Very useful in the cold season when food is scarce. The ball of fat is a product of the highest quality, made with refined bovine fat, mixed with seeds and pieces of peanuts.The ball goes inside a plastic..
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Natural Dried Fruits. Prepared for Parrots of all sizes in general. Parakeets, Lovebirds, Nymphs, Parrots, Yacos, Youyous, Eclectus, Amazons, Macaws and Large Cockatoos...
Ex Tax:4.50€
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