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Programador amanecer / anochecer para tiras de leds 12 voltios

Programador amanecer / anochecer para tiras de leds 12 voltios Iluminación led y accesorios
Programador amanecer / anochecer para tiras de leds 12 voltios
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  • Brands Jausticab
  • Model 3509
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Dawn-Dusk programmer high technology for LED strips 12 Volt.
It has a selection of 22 models Dawn-Dusk hours and 5 channels, 4 of them with different intensities to connect led night light blue moon effect (Blue LED Light 12V ref. TLA225P or optional TLA325P).
It has a display where the user can view the date, current time and choose the desired time model.
Easy handling, the 22 channels with a list of their hours each, 4 intensities in channels 2 through 5 for night light is delivered fully programmed.
By the controls available to the programmer, the user can change at any time the model with the desired program and visulaizarlo on the screen and the data of the current date and time schedule.
It also has an internal memory that stores all data (date, time, time models etc) when it is unplugged.
If desired, the user can customize their schedules or include new schedules via a PC, for it includes a CD-Rom with software and USB connection cable.
Does not include power adapter 12V, the adapter is the same that feeds the LED lights, which must have the necessary power meters depending on the LED strips have to be illuminated. (Maximum 20A or 50 meters LED strips Jausticab for breeding)
Optionally this programmer with 2 connections with male and female connectors and a power cable to be inserted between the power adapter and connection kit for LED strips Jausticab, valid for both types of adapters that we sell is served. Ref.SCP420 (see photos).
Data sheet.
-Food 12-24V DC
-Consumption 0.5 watts
-Maximum Output current 20A
-Temperature Working -20-60ºC
-dimensions external 120x78x25cm.
-5 Output channels
-Weight Approx. 200 gr.

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