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Tanks and cages feet

Carro metro completo Pedros..
Ex Tax:61.94€
Anthracite color. Approximate measurements: 100.50 x 50 x 31 cm..
Ex Tax:28.06€
Plastic foot column R.S.L.   With a width of 48 cm, a height of 72.5 cm and a depth of 25 cm.   Available in White and Brown..
Ex Tax:24.59€
Metal bracket to place the cage on the wall...
Ex Tax:3.72€
Trolley for evolution set 4 heights 3 columns for cages New Canariz Model 2700 truck (for 40 cage) Measurements: • Width 155 cm • Height 206 cm • Background 45 cm     Model 2900 truck (for 60 cages) Measurements: • Width 210 cm • Height 206 cm • Backgr..
Ex Tax:198.31€
Roll White Paper 33cm.   Valid for the Cages of Cria de Pedrós, through the Support for paper...
Ex Tax:9.75€
Paper roll white 40 cm   Valid for the Cages of Cria, through the Support for paper...
Ex Tax:11.53€
Small foot with wheels for IMOR plate modulesWhite metallic foot, with wheels for easy movement.Manufactured to support 4 imor breeding modulesDimensions (height x width x depth):28 x 88 x 30 cm      ..
Ex Tax:41.48€
Voltrega 40 foot Foot with round base, this foot is only valid for Voltregà round cages models: 745 and 810.Dimensions: 34cm base diameter, 27cm top diameter and 69,5cm height.If you place your cage on a stand, it will always look much better. The Voltregà feet are very elegant in your room and..
Ex Tax:12.34€
Support crescent ornaments hanging cages. Product Dimensions:       Height: 1470 mm       Width: 410 mm..
Ex Tax:11.55€
Support crescent ornaments hanging cages. Product Dimensions:       Height: 1470 mm       Width: 450 mm..
Ex Tax:10.36€
Stand straight cages hanging ornaments. Product Dimensions:       Height: 1490 mm       Width: 445 mm..
Ex Tax:10.21€
Pie with casters modules IMOR veneer brand.   Dimensions: Small - Height: 27 cm . Grande - Height: 67 cm..
Ex Tax:44.84€
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