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Jaula Duo

Jaula Duo
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  • Brands StrongCages
  • Model 792
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Tags: Jaula , Duo , Cages , fos , parrots , StrongCages
Spacious voladera bird separates two adequate to accommodate all kinds of birds as exotic, tropical, canaries, parakeets, lovebirds, nymphs, etc.
It is a very large cage appropriate to install a small colony of tropical or several pairs of parakeets. It provides an appropriate and safe to your home where they can live bird.
It contains the basic elements that need a bird to live comfortably.
It is a cage of excellent quality manufactured with resistant and durable materials, produced our brand StrongCages
With our aviary DUO include the following elements:
  • 4 feeders aviary.
  • Safety lock
  • Two wooden hangers.
  • Grille and removable tray.
  • Trolley with grid.
  • Four-wheel high quality polypropylene
Measures of the cage:
2 mm thick bars
1.06 cm distance between bars
Total measures
  • Height 187 cm
  • Width 86 cm
  • Fund 56 cm
Interior measures (where does the bird)
  • Height 70 cm
  • Width 81 cm
  • Bottom 53 cm
Door size 35 x 35.5 cm

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