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A+B12 FBL Complejo Vitamínico Sol. Oral 20 ml.

A+B12 FBL Complejo Vitamínico Sol. Oral 20 ml.
A+B12 FBL Complejo Vitamínico Sol. Oral 20 ml.
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A + B12 FBL Vitamin Complex · Oral Solution
A + B12, has been specifically designed to prevent vitamin deficiencies.
Vitamin A, involved in the development of enzymes in the liver and adrenal sex hormones, provides the skin with greater protection and improves vision. Vitamin B12 is effective against intestinal diseases, and other infections. This vitamin is produced in the intestine of the bird, in case of diarrhea the body can not reabsorb it and must be supplied by dropper or in drinking water.
Its use is recommended for:
? Correct the lack of pigmentation in canaries and recessive white psittacines.
? Stimulating growth and productions.
? Coadjuvant to treatments in diarrheal processes.
Sorbitol, Propylene Glycol, Vitamin A, 150,000 U.I., Vitamin B12, 125 mcg.
Gross Protein, 0,%, Oils and crude fats, <0.5%, Gross Fiber, 0%, Crude Ashes, 0%.
Oral route in drinking water
3 ml / liter of water or 3 drops in 40 ml in periods of laying or 5 ml / liter of water.
Parrots, Parrots and other parrots: double the indicated dose.

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