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Available in three sizes..
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Birds play area, large, 35x25 cm   Playground made ??of natural wood. With a ladder, a swing and various hangers..
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- Dimensions: 36 x 26 x 29 cm. - Suitable for parrots and parakeets This play area is in the range Natural Living Trixie for birds and rodents. This collection looks after the health of the pet because they are accessories natural materials, which are not treated with additives...
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- Dimensions: 44 x 44 x 16 cm. - Suitable for parakeets This play area is in the range Natural Living Trixie for birds and rodents. This collection looks after the health of the pet because they are material accessories     Deshacer cambios ..
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- Natural wood, made with chunks of tree. - Dimensions: 35 x 29 x 25 cm. - Includes: · Stairs. · Cotton Aro. · Rope. · Hanger. · Wooden Toys. This play area is in the range of Trixie Natural Living for birds and rodents. This collection looks after the health of the pet because th..
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- Measures: · Width: 35 cm. · Length: 30 cm. · Height: 27 cm. - Suitable for budgies or canaries. - Made of branches and chunks of natural wood. - This area consists of three games ladders and two hangers. - Easy assembly. NOTE: It is very important to keep birds entertained with ..
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- Size: 16 cm. - Plastic. - With chain and bell...
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Scaffolding natural wood staircase. To scale and with a bell to hang. Length: 34 cm.    The possibilities of climbing and playing this toy will seek your animal enough fun.    The scaffold-natural wood staircase has 12 steps and is suitable for hanging. Inside hangs a campananilla sc..
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This pendant swing belongs to the Natural Living range of Trixie for birds and rodents. This collection health care because they are pet accessories nature materials , which are not treated with additives .   - Dimensions: 27 x 27 x 27 cm . - Triangular. - With slices of wood and ro..
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Triang swing . Natural wood, 16.5x16.5x16.5 cm Natural Living , made troquitos tree . Swing natural wood with cotton rope . It offers three different possibilities of land . The wood does not harm the birds when they bite. The swing connects easily to the top of the cage...
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Feeder outside, 8 perches, 300 ml / 17 cm   - Trough outside. - Approximate capacity of 300 ml. - This handy outdoor feeder can be hung wherever you want. - With 6 perches...
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Escalera de loro 85 cm
-34 %
Climbing Parrots / Cockatiels It consists of 4 steps Sisal Natural Living, wooden trunks and hook. Measurements: 85 cm The birds love this by climbing ropes and natural logs..
4.95€ 7.50€
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- Metallic mirror . - With 3 bells. - Size: 8 x 7 cm . - This metal mirror serves to simulate another bird. - The bells ring every time the mirror is touched...
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Drinker giant aviary, 1000 ml/20 cm This source can be perfectly used for aviaries. The source is 20 cm high and has a capacity para1000 ml. The birds always have fresh water...
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- The loofah is a natural plant family of gourds.   - With pieces of wood and bell...
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Wooden toy with a bell measure 21 cm   manufacturer Trixie..
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- Dimensions: 20 cm . - Wood . - With chain and rope bell...
Ex Tax:4.37€
Ideal for parakeets and parrots   Disponde hang system , bell and rope..
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Muñeco diversion
-24 %
- Dimensions: 50 cm. - For example, for nymphs, lovebirds parakeets - Made of rattan, palm leaves and Manila hemp. - 100% natural materials...
13.99€ 18.50€
Ex Tax:11.56€
- Dimensions: 11 x 17 x 17 cm . - Wood . - You can give a tower or ring. - With chain...
Ex Tax:6.59€
- Dimensions: 27 x 24 cm . - Wood . - With sisal network . - About chains . - Triangular shape ...
Ex Tax:4.45€
Accessories- Toy hang with ball cage mode . It has chain and bell to end the toy. Main features:   - Dimensions : 7 cm. - Made of plastic. - With chain and bell. - Assorted colors...
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- Dimensions: 16 cm . - Wood . - With bell. - For dental care and beak ...
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 Dimensions: 28 x 25 x 22 cm. - Suitable for parakeets and canaries. - Very useful for the exercise of the pet in the cage. - Suitable for enrichment of the environment, making the welfare of the pet. This play area is in the range Natural Living Trixie for birds and rodents. This collect..
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Portafrutas toy.   Excellent toy that allows different pieces of fruit punch and prizes from your favorite parrot.   Approximate Dimensions : 20.32 cm x 5.08 cm..
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Aviary innkeeper to as a swing, with hitch cage , made of wood   Dimensions: 25 cm, or 14 cm ...
Ex Tax:1.92€
Innkeeper aviary wood, 44 cm / ø 19 as Wooden swing hitch for cage...
Ex Tax:4.12€
Innkeeper aviary wood, 44 cm / ø 19 as Wooden swing hitch for cage...
Ex Tax:4.12€
Rope Hanger 60cm   Rope hanger for birds with a total size of 60 centimeters suitable for all kinds of ornamental birds such as parakeets, canaries or agapornis.   Toy for nymphs, goldfinches and small parrots.   Durable pure cotton item suitable for birds of all sizes. It ca..
Ex Tax:10.66€
Suitable for small parrots. Glass and metal stoppered tube and ball valve. The floating allows you to easily see the water level. secure connection with voltage cable and wire clamp. Content: 500 ml...
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What we were looking for a nest for your parrot, make it the stay more comfortable with this little house made ??of natural coconut. dimensions: Outer diameter 14 cm x 19 cm High..
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Comedero Coco Natura
-46 %
Hanger with Food Bowl, 25 cm     - For example nymphs and parakeets. - Dimensions: 25 cm. - Coconut and bamboo. - With hardware and accessories...
5.95€ 10.95€
Ex Tax:4.92€
Coconut House is a fun toy in which our agaporni or bird of similar size can take refuge inside the cabin and have fun with it.   It is a fun toy / shelter for our little birds.   With hanging rope, coconut house will make the cabin a much more entertaining and fun space that will al..
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To hang in the cage 17 x 22 x 15 cm Wooden ladder with hammock with imitation nylon / imitation fleece, rope ladder and rope ring with wooden block..
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lovebirds bag, ø10x9 cm     - Dimensions: · Diameter: 10 cm. · Height: 9 cm. - Nylon. - With plastic crunchy. - To hang in the cage. - Assorted colors...
Ex Tax:3.30€
Birds Transportín 27 × 32 × 27cm, Dark Blue / Blue cl   - Dimensions: · Width: 27 cm. · Height: 32 cm. · Depth: 27 cm. - Made of nylon. - Ideal to take the pet to the vet. - Wooden hanger hitch removable screws. - With mesh for better air circulation. - With s..
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This plastic tub pendant is mounted outside the open door of the cage. Let your bird take a bath anytime. This bath is suitable for nymphs and birds of similar size Hanging plastic tub, 22x15 cm. Capacity 1500 ml..
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This is a simple plastic syringe, washable, to raise chicks feeding them by hand.   Syringe feeding is a common practice among breeders. It begins around two weeks of life and by this method very docile and trusting pigeons are obtained that do not fear people. It is necessary to learn the t..
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